Traducción de frayed en Español:


deshilachado, adj.

Pronunciación /freɪd//freɪd/


  • 1

    (cloth/collar) deshilachado
    (cloth/collar) raído
    (rope/wire) desgastado
    (wire/rope) pelado
    their policies are looking somewhat frayed at the edges sus políticas ya están un poco ajadas
    • It was issued to inspect the Velcro straps for frayed condition, cuts, and overall integrity.
    • Do not use frayed or broken cords.
    • Near the bottom of one box, he discovered a frayed leather harness, studded collar and leash.
    • Thanks everyone for your kind comments on my solution to frayed cuffs and edges.
    • As the scales elongated, they became frayed and this condition developed into the barbed structure of feathers.
    • The noise was Paula opening the door, blue dawn light outlining the frayed edges of her hair.
    • Melt the frayed ends of the cord with your lighter.
    • Frayed beige cotton curtains could be drawn at night in the bedroom and sitting room.
    • The cover, brown paper, was considerably frayed, and some of the end page and opening page are missing.
    • He could see the frayed wires hanging loose below the dashboard.
    • I am inquiring about how to give my jeans the frayed look on the bottom of the legs that is popular now.
    • The clothing she wore last year is tattered and frayed, but still recognizable.
    • The frayed ends of the collar tickled her leathery face, and she wrinkled her nose up to prevent a sneeze.
    • It did come as a bit of a surprise when I pulled on the rope and this frayed end appeared.
    • Underground cables become frayed from aging, corrosive chemicals, overload or rats biting them.
    • They don't replace items because they are unwanted, a little frayed or just out of fashion.
    • Replace cracked or frayed electrical appliance and extension cords.
    • Stitch two burlap rectangles together, with the top left open and frayed.
    • Replace frayed or cracked cords.
    • Look at the frayed hems indicating bad quality and lots of stock.
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    (nerves) crispado
    he looked very frayed when he came out of the meeting parecía muy tenso al salir de la reunión
    • My baby cried for more than an hour that first night before she finally fell asleep, exhausted and frayed.
    • The next day there were many frayed tempers in the village.
    • The erratic supply often fuel the frayed tempers.
    • She needed to sort out her frayed, perplexing emotions with the help of someone she loved and trusted.
    • During periods of racial discord, community leaders have headed to the statue to cool frayed tempers.
    • Despite some frayed nerves, the group benefited from the sort of camaraderie that arises only out of mutually experienced adversity.
    • I am on the fringes - but refusing to get frayed.
    • Everything wasn't ruined, but his soul had been frayed a little further.
    • My temper is frayed.
    • He assured a frayed Richardson that he'd never see an attack that big.
    • I have witnessed accidents, frayed tempers and schoolchildren battling congestion to get to school.
    • A fixed star burns the edges of frayed identity.
    • Tempers are frayed in every Milltown household.
    • The pressure is mounting and tempers are getting frayed.
    • Tempers inevitably became frayed, and at one point a fight broke out between a passenger and a member of staff.
    • As we draw closer and closer to the time of departure the days grow more hectic and my nerves more frayed.
    • These songs are old photographs, composed on the frayed edges of memory, chance recollections.
    • Every protest or procession results in traffic jams, long delays, frayed nerves and waste of costly fuel.
    • Frayed nerves and tense muscles seemed to melt in the viscous liquid that poured out of the brass container suspended above me.
    • The solution for all frayed nerves in our experience was to stop and go for a walk.