Traducción de freaky en Español:


muy extraño, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfriːki//ˈfriki/

adjetivofreakier, freakiest

anticuado, argot

  • 1

    muy extraño
    muy raro
    • So the number of people who wanted to just be able to see him - that's a pretty freaky thing.
    • I almost blacked out again just as he left which was kind of freaky since I had been feeling much better up till then.
    • Towards the end of the night I took to sporting a rather freaky mask and petrifying the remaining guests.
    • If they are so concerned about our image in the eyes of the world, then I say we should show the world just how freaky we can get.
    • It's really freaky and it has a really different twist than what people will know from my previous work.
    • It was a very grey, freaky and realistic glimpse in to the not so distant future.
    • Or is it just a freaky coincidence that these two people look and act very, very much alike?
    • In any event, it was quite freaky having the building and our desks shake around like that.
    • Yes I think when you do go overseas you realise how freaky this country is.
    • He still loves her but he's bothered by her strange ramblings particularly the freaky nightmares.
    • Well, I guess life sometime just deals us these freaky thunderbolts out of a blue sky.
    • I crashed on the futon, and I kind of had some freaky dreams sleeping in a new place.
    • This news is both very exciting and strangely freaky at the same time.
    • Even though he's creepy and stalkerish and freaky I have a soft spot for him.
    • The intention was to evoke an unreal elsewhere, an imaginary place both freaky and familiar.
    • We have no idea what sort of cactus it is - but it's really freaky because you can almost sit and watch these things grow.
    • Just hearing they found the car that was hijacked in the garage where I park my car is a little freaky.
    • They're an international organization with some pretty freaky beliefs.
    • It was pretty good, but my oh my, were there some freaky people there!
    • Let's face it, the human body is an extremely freaky thing and we are in denial about this so that we can get on with our lives.