Traducción de free agent en Español:

free agent


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    you're a free agent eres muy libre / dueño de hacer lo que quieras
    • It is not that they are indispensable, either on payroll or as free agents; their knowledge and skills are.
    • People remain free agents; nothing is certain or predictable.
    • It will be first time since she joined the police in 1973 that Dame Elizabeth will be a free agent.
    • In fact, free agents are safer in an economic storm than their job-holding counterparts.
    • However, we should keep in mind that Senators to some extent are free agents.
    • He has led a dynasty in a free agent, salary-capped era in which such dominance was presumed to be impossible.
    • The key is that the mother is not a free agent and there will never be a separate family home provided by the state.
    • But, as the story unfolds, it is clear that all the characters are self-deluded, the victims of events as much as free agents.
    • Benji was a free agent, and equally keen on his prospective employers.
    • It's not just for free agents, knowledge workers, and serial entrepreneurs.
    • And the girl began to think of herself as a free agent, unbound by the presumptions of heredity.
    • He allows her to travel with him on the condition that it is a temporary arrangement - that he is a free agent and is not in any way committed to her.
    • These factors have served as a catalyst for the emergence of workers who consider themselves free agents.
    • Some would be free agents, shopping themselves around to the most alluring companies.
    • The dot com revolution spawned a whole new generation of savvy, job hopping free agents who each said proudly they were their own security.
    • But human beings are only more or less free agents, often less.
    • Part worker, part owner, free agents have crossed over the industrial relations divide.