Traducción de fresco en Español:


fresco, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfrɛskəʊ//ˈfrɛskoʊ/

nombrePlural frescos, Plural frescoes

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    fresco masculino
    painted in fresco pintado al fresco
    • As King notes: ‘The technique of fresco was as simple in conception as it was difficult in execution’, requiring the painter to work quickly on wet plaster before it dried.
    • Thus, the art of fresco is necessarily piecemeal.
    • ‘Life has its own rhythm, and so does fresco,’ he says.
    • The Adams Davidson Galleries in Washington, D. C., is compiling a checklist of Cox's works in oils, tempera, fresco, and drawings for mosaics and stained-glass windows.
    • But in 1843 Parliament did agree to adorn its new home, the rebuilt Palace of Westminster, with historical subjects in fresco.
    • And this dining room is the most elegantly pretty in London, a marvellous fondant of gilding, marble and airhead fresco.
    • In the fine arts, the cartoon is a full-sized preliminary drawing for a work to be executed afterward in fresco, oil, mosaic, stained glass, or tapestry.
    • Presumably, stucco decoration was more resistant to steam than fresco.
    • Southall, who experimented with true fresco and tempera, worked in Birmingham itself.