Traducción de freshly en Español:


recién, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈfrɛʃli//ˈfrɛʃli/


  • 1

    a freshly painted door una puerta recién pintada
    • freshly cut flowers flores recién cortadas
    • Once it's done, I recommend serving it with warmed up, or freshly baked French bread.
    • It's amazing how much better freshly ground chilli tastes than the pre-ground stuff.
    • The sun is rising as we arrive on a hill freshly cleared for a housing development.
    • At the moment, with the scandal freshly broken, everyone seems to be blaming everyone else.
    • To wash it all down, be sure to get a mojito, a Cuban drink made with rum and freshly crushed mint.
    • The streets and buildings look freshly washed, with pools of water standing everywhere.
    • Today it's scrambled eggs with piles of freshly baked pancakes and pure Vermont maple syrup.
    • If you can't buy or face handling a live lobster, make sure it is freshly cooked and from a good fishmonger.
    • In due course freshly cooked haddock and chips arrived together with a slice of buttered bread each.
    • Although the egg was stiffer than I prefer everything had been freshly cooked and was piping hot.
    • This should not be freshly manured: a bed that had a manure dressing the previous autumn is best.
    • I may adore the smell of freshly ground coffee but you'll never catch me actually drinking the stuff.
    • Once the acrid smell of freshly applied paint had dissolved, the deception was complete.
    • We had hoped the new male would complete the pairing ritual by presenting Olive with a freshly caught fish.
    • She charmed a Danish motel manager named Benny with her compliments on his freshly painted rooms.
    • The taste of coffee depends principally on the quality of the water and on freshly ground beans.
    • Here prisoners get clean bed linen, the walls are freshly painted and the furniture is modern.
    • On the side was a little hard boiled egg, still warm and sprinkled with freshly ground pepper.
    • DNA could be found for example in saliva, freshly plucked hair roots or a flake of dandruff.
    • The smell of freshly mown grass just brought it all back to me, and for one brief moment I was seven years old again.