Traducción de friction en Español:


rozamiento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfrɪkʃ(ə)n//ˈfrɪkʃ(ə)n/


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    Física Tecnología
    rozamiento masculino
    fricción femenino
    (clutch) (before noun) de fricción
    they tried to produce fire by friction intentaron hacer fuego frotando dos palos (or piedras etc.)
    • The marks are caused by the speed of the car as well as other factors such as braking force, friction with the road and impacts with other vehicles.
    • Divergence may result from friction with the Earth's surface.
    • That will produce enough side roll to get the ball to hook once it encounters friction.
    • Minimizing the load carried by half the pistons and connecting rods trims friction and reduces energy losses to the cooling system.
    • Less friction also reduces the stress imposed on the material.
    • The rash is most commonly found where there is friction with clothes.
    • It didn't heat up from friction with the skin, and it protected against hard blows and blasts.
    • Ponsse notes that this arrangement provides an excellent grip on the tree stem and reduces friction.
    • Space weather also has an indirect effect on satellites through increased atmospheric drag, or friction.
    • To reduce friction on the spheres, they are levitated by voltages applied to saucer-shaped electrodes.
    • After taping his stick, Huselius uses a sharp knife to cut the tape off the bottom edge of the blade to reduce drag and friction on the ice.
    • Drag results mostly from friction between the moving wing surface and the air.
    • Alloys based on tin, cadmium, copper, or silver are used to make bearings which reduce friction between two sliding surfaces.
    • Any moving object on Earth experiences a force, called friction, which opposes its motion.
    • You need to apply a great pressure to finally break the static friction and start the grease moving.
    • That slows the ball down because of the increased friction the ball encounters.
    • The mass of the block, the applied force, and the coefficient of friction can be altered.
    • This is because the cue ball can pick up top spin due to friction with the cloth.
    • As wind passes over the water's surface, friction forces it to ripple.
    • But the lateral motion reduces the rotational friction, so that the spinning persists longer.
    • The breaking of the rope happened because of the friction with the steel plate on the pulley where the rope is fixed.
    • The models are simple in that they do not take account of the effects of multiple faulting, of fault friction, or of erosion.
    • Shooting hard can cause the cue tip leather to loose friction with the cue ball, causing it to jump rather than spin.
    • Light rail uses up to 80 per cent less energy than buses as it encounters less surface friction.
    • These substances reduce friction between the moving parts of equipment.
    • If it wasn't for friction between the tyres and the road, driving a car would be like trying to drive on an ice rink.
    • The friction between my skin and the service weapon concealed at my waist became more and more unbearable, but I knew I was being targeted.
    • The marbles are rounded and have less internal friction to resist shear.
    • Naptha, often recommended, can ignite, just from a spark from friction or rubbing.
    • The coefficient of static friction is typically larger than the coefficient of kinetic friction.
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    tirantez femenino
    roces masculino
    domestic friction desavenencias familiares femenino
    • that is bound to lead to friction sin duda eso va a provocar tirantez / roces
    • There had always been friction between my parents and me.
    • There was further friction between the companies.
    • In reading this account, we come to realise that the fights and friction between different groups in the hospital setting are universal and ubiquitous.
    • There were reports about friction between you and the mayor.
    • But there is much friction between the five people on the base and the rescued explorer, who wants all the glory for himself.
    • There has been friction between the two agencies, mainly over jurisdiction.
    • The best content comes from creative friction between program makers and management.
    • He also found tension and friction between those two over who was actually in control of the prison.
    • The issue has been a source of friction between the two sides.
    • Naturally, there is some friction between the young men, but there are some unspoken truths and tragedies that lead to the family splitting up, for good.
    • One other troubling situation she confronted was friction between the cultural groups.
    • The Arcot House is different from most royal houses in the country as there is no friction between the government and this former ruling family.
    • The transition generated friction between the school's old and new staffs and hurt those students whose school was being phased out.
    • For the next half-century, differing interpretations of the treaty caused friction between the two countries.
    • A ship carrying unknown contents fails to clue the viewer in to the urgency ostensibly causing friction between the characters.
    • This could cause friction between landowners and visitors.
    • He saw the Commonwealth Games as a means to an end, but admits even making it to New Zealand in 1974 caused friction between him and his coach.
    • Despite the occasional friction between the old timers and the young upstarts, all the dancers come together for the old favourites.
    • Some of the scenes of domestic friction between family members are obviously written from recent experience, as they ring resoundingly true.
    • All too often there can be friction between conventional farmers and organic producers, which is a growing cause of resentment.