Traducción de frightened en Español:


asustado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfraɪtnd//ˈfrʌɪtnd/


  • 1

    (person/animal) asustado
    to be frightened of sb/sth tenerle miedo a algn/algo
    • he was frightened of his father/the dark le temía a su padre/a la oscuridad
    • to be frightened of-ing/to + inf
    • he was frightened of crossing the road le daba miedo cruzar la calle
    • I was frightened to tell him tenía miedo de decírselo
    • to be frightened (that)
    • she was frightened (that) she would miss her train tenía miedo de perder el tren
    • don't be frightened no tengas miedo
    • Darkness lingered at the edge of his vision and he was suddenly absurdly frightened that if he fell asleep he would never wake up.
    • She was particularly frightened of getting stuck in shop queues.
    • Another boy, the smallest in the party, had been frightened of making the crossing.
    • Lynne says she's not afraid of death, she's just frightened of losing the people she loves.
    • This Government, frightened of being seen as soft on the drugs trade, does not know what to do.
    • They're frightened of finding something, and if they do, they're scared to go to the doctor.
    • I suppose when I write, I write about the things that I'm most frightened of.
    • One resident, who lived in the street at the time but asked not be named, said some were still frightened of him.
    • Unfortunately, said dog was so frightened of the fireworks last night she refused to go to bed.
    • Children don't run about outside anymore because we're frightened of them being abducted.
    • Despite this, though, they weren't frightened of death - at least not in the same way we are.
    • He said the experience has made him frightened of walking in the town and scared of police - even though he has done nothing wrong.
    • Although Thomas could be very mellow, she was still frightened of how he might react to this.
    • Half of me regrets my stupidity and feels frightened that I'll go to jail.
    • Giving evidence under oath from the witness box, Hunt said that he had been frightened of needles since childhood.
    • He had the strangest face I had ever seen, and I was a bit frightened of it, and I remained afraid of it.
    • I'm not frightened of these games, in fact I'm really looking forward to them.
    • He said he had been frightened of that person and therefore agreed to hold them temporarily.
    • His main clients are business people frightened of making speeches in public or stressed about workload.
    • She says this caused her to become so frightened of the man, whom she could not avoid, that she slept with a knife under her bed.