Traducción de frilly en Español:


de volantes, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfrɪli//ˈfrɪli/

adjetivofrillier, frilliest

  • 1

    (dress/petticoat) de volantes
    (petticoat/dress) de volados Río de la Plata
    (petticoat/dress) de olanes México
    (petticoat/dress) de vuelos Chile
    • With his frilly, fancy clothes and fastidious manner, Cantus always seemed like he belonged more at a poetry recital than in battle.
    • Many a bride has registered for frilly tableware.
    • With its high button-up neck and frilly ruffle details, it's both flattering and comfortable.
    • It seems simply to entail prancing about, albeit slowly and gracefully, whilst dressed in expensive, frilly clothing.
    • The other kids could tease me till I cried, but as far as I was concerned, frilly sleeping apparel was fair game on a canoe trip.
    • I grinned, picturing my mother dashing back and forth in the kitchen, clad in a frilly pink apron and caked with flour, a sewing needle in one hand and a whisk in the other.
    • The young woman dried her hands on a frilly apron.
    • The problem is that I have no first-hand knowledge of the past in Alice Springs except sepia prints of people in suits and big frilly skirts.
    • Gone are the days of chambermaids wearing black smocks, frilly white aprons and lace caps.
    • But the playful look gave way to long patchwork dresses, vests with frilly collars and cashmere cardigans which the designer said a girl might wear to impress her mother.
    • Waitresses dress in costumes which recall the early days of London's first tearooms, when white frilly aprons were worn over black dresses, and white caps covered their hair.
    • Those frilly, lacy hearts of different shades of red, white and pink just didn't do it for me.
    • Well, I don't like my underwear to be lacy or frilly so I'm much more likely to buy Hanro cottons or stretch net from Prada and Calvin Klein than anything by La Perla.
    • All through elementary school she bought me frilly, lacy dresses and huge hair bows.
    • Scout herself is a bit of a tomboy and would much rather play outside in overalls than wear frilly dresses, much to her aunt's dismay.
    • Her mother had decorated the room mostly in white with loads of frilly things in it, and she hated it, but it was one of the only places to go where they could be alone.
    • Mish was allowed to wear a frilly apron as a concession.
    • I envisaged something large and frilly with a frothy veil.
    • The doll wore a frilly, pale pink dress with a lacy shawl, but as I looked down the line, they were all dressed similarly.
    • Then I donned my pearls and frilly apron and concocted a delectable dinner of Mexican bread, mini-meat loaves and fresh green beans.
  • 2despectivo

    (style) recargado
    the bedroom was too frilly for my taste el dormitorio me pareció muy rococó
    • As hard as she tried, Kayin couldn't picture him anywhere that wasn't frilly, rich, and perfect.
    • It's too fancy, too frilly, too difficult to read.
    • His performance in that film shows up the Randall version for what it really was - a prissy, frilly, silly version of a far more interesting and comic character.