Hay 2 traducciones principales de fritter en Español

: fritter1fritter2


Pronunciación /ˈfrɪtə//ˈfrɪdər/

verbo transitivo

    Hay 2 traducciones principales de fritter en Español

    : fritter1fritter2


    buñuelo, n.

    Pronunciación /ˈfrɪdər//ˈfrɪtə/



    • 1

      buñuelo masculino
      fruta de sartén femenino España
      • From this pungently unpromising substance we have made a variety of savoury stews and fritters, and saltfish is one of the Caribbean's unexpectedly characteristic flavours.
      • Curried Vidalia-onion fritters, lightly battered and skillfully fried, come with a sweet-sour tamarind dipping sauce.
      • And instead of the food she loves she'll be served with spam fritters, suet pudding and stewed prunes.
      • Cook the fritters in two to three batches, turning them so they cook evenly.
      • The latter came as small, flat, easily managed fritters.
      • I may have passed on the cream, myself, but I did manage to get three fat fritters past these lips.
      • The tiny purple berries are used to make sparkling jams and the blossoms are deep-fried into fritters.
      • A light batter containing whisked egg whites is used to encase the prepared fruit, and the fritters are coated with caramel and sprinkled with sesame seeds after cooking.
      • So when she announced they were out of fried apple and banana fritters for dessert, we trusted her recommendation of the fried red bean cakes.
      • Zucchini and carrot fritters are a nice vegetarian alternative.
      • Mum would fill one of those big meat dishes with fritters.
      • You indulge in the bread, butter and omelet or the delicious smelling vegetable cutlets or vegetable fritters.
      • In south India, where they are a major source of protein, many methods are used to prepare lentils for breads, fritters, salads, pancakes and vegetable dishes.
      • Whether it is his seared scallops with carrot fritters, marinated coriander chicken, coconut and lime and macadamia cake, ricotta hot cakes with honeycomb butter, or sensationally garlicky prawns, Bill's food is happy food.
      • I would have told Evie on our first day together that I was taken with her banana fritters, but she left the table before I could even try.
      • I go to the kitchen to prepare coffee and tea for the two of us and some banana fritters for Sophia.
      • You are meant to stick to spare ribs, lemon chicken and banana fritters.
      • For the pea fritters, preheat the fryer to 350 degrees.
      • Place a pineapple fritter in the center of the plate and spoon some caramelized pineapple, pineapple slices, and poached pineapple on top.
      • Parsnips also make a wonderful soup and terrific fritters, and their long, blond roots are irresistible if roasted until the skinny tails scorch to a crisp.