Traducción de front desk en Español:

front desk

mostrador de recepción, n.



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    mostrador de recepción masculino
    • One step is to make sure that the bellhop is always outside and that someone is always at the front desk.
    • She registered at the front desk, while Jenni tried to find her name on the room list.
    • When they got to the front desk, Mandi tapped the bell on the desk, and a young man walked over.
    • I started shaking even harder when we walked into the front door and to the front desk.
    • He scored a position as a receptionist on the front desk and he knew that this was for him, despite the lowly position.
    • He has a night job at the front desk of the Baltic Hotel under an equally thuggish boss.
    • The only people that should be behind the front desk should be the front desk employees.
    • These bookings are made at the front desk or on a board near the machines.
    • A shortage of officers means police are having to recruit Neighbourhood Watch volunteers to man the front desk.
    • Upon entry, most have a front desk or a staff member that monitors who enters the premises.
    • Drake was sitting at the front desks, his back to me, conversing with his partner while setting up equipment.
    • Someday I will go in and ask the lady at the front desk because those people are paid to be friendly.
    • I grabbed my stuff and ran by the front desk, waving to the receptionist as I went.
    • He told the person at the front desk that he'd be returning to the hotel by midnight local time.
    • I popped into the hotel and left my card at the front desk with a message asking the team leader to give me a call.
    • He said the new system allowed a more efficient ordering service at the front desk.
    • After an initial two-hour training session, the recruits will be working alongside full-time civilians at police station front desks for practical experience.
    • She went to the front desk and a man directed her way up to her hotel suit, which was on the top floor.
    • Later we came down to the front desk and the lady on the desk asked if we knew a B and L Goode.
    • Unlike staying in commercial hotels, whose front desks understand English and can help you arrange transportation, you're on your own while staying in vacation rental properties.