Traducción de frosting en Español:


baño, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfrɒstɪŋ//ˈfrɔstɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1US Cocina
      (on cake)

      baño masculino
      • Cookies that have been frosted with a butter cream type frosting cannot be stacked.
      • I lick the frosting off, waiting for him to speak.
      • The following morning, I added chocolate frosting and slapped aluminum foil on top.
      • She iced it with a boiled caramel frosting - nothing ever tasted so good.
      • We scraped our plates; we licked our fingers; and we sliced apple cake and spooned on extra frosting.
      • "Thanks, " I said, licking some frosting from my finger.
      • No, one year there was a pound cake with no frosting and one big candle in the middle.
      • The brownie was thick, and covered in chocolate frosting.
      • Remove cookies from oven, and cool completely before decorating with colored frosting (recipe below).
      • I don't like frosting unless it's the kind that is like pudding.
      • I like to buy different colored frosting in tubes that come with the different tips ready to attach and frost.
      • When the cake was done, it was decorated with white frosting drizzled down the sides.
      • And that's not including the fact that I am carrying a really nice chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.
      • The creamy caramel frosting wonderfully caps off these tender spicy cupcakes.
      • For the frosting, place the chocolate in a medium bowl and set aside.
      • I look up and see Christina, crying loudly, covered in frosting and punch.
      • It was a chocolate cake with white frosting and candied cherries on top.
      • Cakes are purchased from local supermarkets whose ideas of frosting include two primary ingredients… sugar and vegetable shortening.
      • We covered it in frosting and sprinkles and they ate it anyway.
      • He grinned and held up his fingers, which were covered in chocolate cake frosting.

    • 1.2British Cocina
      (of sugar)

      glaseado masculino

  • 2

    esmerilado masculino
    • Using the stencil with frosting varnish for glass at £7.95, the varnish can be tinted to create your own stained glass effect.
    • A sweeping, swirl of baby ostrich down, rather like piped icing on an art nouveau birthday cake, contrasted the material's shine with soft, matt frosting.
    • Naughty boys Ferdinand and Steve took it upon themselves to strip the frosting off the shower door - something which proved to be the highlight of yesterday's Big Brother action.