Traducción de fruit gum en Español:

fruit gum

caramelo de goma, n.



  • 1

    caramelo de goma masculino
    gomita femenino Chile
    • This is an evening entirely without the snobbery that so often infects theatre: you can eat fruit gums all the way through, and nobody minds if the kids sing along with the songs they know.
    • Even his mouth is sweet, like he'd been chewing fruit gum or something.
    • Confectionery such as this and fruit gums will generally cause blood sugar levels to sky-rocket and induce surges of insulin.
    • Yet the Zanucks have been married now for 12 years - an eternity by Hollywood's standards, where marriages last about as long as a fruit gum.
    • Some had sporting themes such as horse racing or football, and prizes would vary from a packet of fruit gums to a pack of cigarettes.