Traducción de fry-up en Español:


fritada, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfraɪ ˌəp///



  • 1

    fritada femenino
    fritanga femenino
    • On the morning of a fight, I always go and have a fry-up with my brother.
    • Everything you could want: Marmite on toast and cucumber sandwiches for the junior department while you consume a hangover-curing fry-up or smoked salmon with a glass of bubbly.
    • Too many fry-ups and the arteries soon start to get a bit furry.
    • I always played tennis on Saturday afternoons and under normal conditions, Mum would have cooked sweet corn, salted cod or a fry-up of sausages, eggs and tomatoes.
    • There's little doubt that low blood sugar levels need to be replenished, whether by plates of home-made soup, porridge or greasy fry-ups.
    • I find fry-ups a bit too heavy and greasy but I do have the occasional bacon sandwich, if the bacon is grilled.
    • It will campaign against a proposed tax on fatty foods, defend the rights of dairy farmers to produce unpasteurised milk and champion the liberty to eat fry-ups every night of the week.
    • There were no real guidelines - if you wanted to have a fry-up, you could have one.
    • He stopped smoking - ‘just like that’ - at the age of 65, but refused to give up his favourite meal - a fry-up of bacon and eggs.
    • ‘He told me he's looking forward to a big fry-up and a nice Sunday roast - since he's been on rations he's really missed his proper home cooking,’ added Sharon.
    • It used to be that you'd start the day with a fry-up, then a bacon sarnie when you got to the ground and a pie and chips for lunch.
    • For some the combination of a cooked breakfast washed down with pints of lager proved irresistible - 50 fry-ups were served before the end of the first half.
    • It's handy because it is just across the road from my house in Primrose Hill and they do a great fry-up with nice Polish sausages.
    • He envied our camping trip living off pasta and café fry-ups.
    • This book begins with the arrival of the salted eel and ends when the entire creature has been consumed in a sequence of soups, stews, casseroles and fry-ups.
    • So we went to a cafe place that sold western food (sandwiches, fry-ups, and the like) and it was good.
    • Elaborate dishes are not their style, certainly not in the kitchen where their approach favours speedy fry-ups and fast salads.
    • It could be a cafe that serves a great fry-up or an all-day restaurant that serves delicious smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.
    • Alcohol and mobile phones were banned, and their only indulgence was food - fatty fry-ups and rations of stew and bread - and a sleeping bag.
    • Red meat should be limited and morning fry-ups are ruled out almost entirely.