Traducción de fulfillment en Español:


cumplimiento, n.

(British fulfilment)

Pronunciación /fʊlˈfɪlmənt//fʊlˈfɪlmənt/


  • 1

    (of duty, promise)
    cumplimiento masculino
    • Now the management is avoiding fulfilment of its duties toward the workers and unfairly dragging out the negotiations, he claimed.
    • And they made strides in reversing their reputations for mangling customer service and order fulfillment.
    • We are fighting now in fulfillment of the highest duty and obligation which we undertook when we came to Trotsky and the Russian Opposition 25 years ago.
    • Well, the Department of Health…… as though, by the enactment by Parliament of legislation, a State is taking steps in fulfilment of a duty of care.
    • That statement should set in motion the procedures under the Agreement of April 2003 and the above-mentioned legislation in fulfilment of the pledges made by the Government.
    • Compensation will be given to ‘community volunteers’ in the form of a monthly allowance payable upon fulfilment of the performance required.
    • Role-responsibility refers to the performance or fulfillment of the duties attached to a person's social role.
    • The past year has been a significant one for AUSA in terms of performance metrics and mission fulfillment.
    • The fulfillment of this role came with the inauguration of the United Irishwomen during mid-May 1910.
    • The answer is that they can do so when the powers and obligations of a state are based on a social contract in which citizens delegate powers to the state and expect in exchange fulfilment of certain duties by it.
    • Yet, his pilgrimage is valid and counts as fulfillment of the duty required of all Muslims who are able to make the journey.
    • The principal and ultimate goal of command and control is to ensure the fulfillment of set tasks under any circumstances.
    • Begin by examining your board's current fulfillment of the above duties.
    • The constant and faithful fulfillment of duty also stands out for me as characteristic of Baptist spiritual life.
    • Is the special risk of injury a relevant consideration in determining the precautions which the employer should take in fulfilment of the duty of care which he owes to the workman?…
    • Order fulfillment will need to be accomplished faster to satisfy shorter lead times.
    • Those measures affect his fulfilment of his role as a representative, but are not penal beyond that.
    • Disability is a complex concept that signifies limitations in the actual fulfillment of socially defined roles and tasks expected of an adult in a sociocultural environment.
    • But we always made fulfillment of the pledges contingent upon the Magnificent 40's approval of a new and plausible business plan.
    • Finally, many Australians still felt filial ties to the mother country, so that it would, on the one hand, be the proper fulfilment of duty to aid Britain, and on the other, it would be a chance to gain recognition and approval for Australia.
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    cumplimiento masculino
    to bring sth to fulfillment llevar algo a cabo
    • this represented the fulfillment of one of her ambitions para ella esto significaba la realización de una de sus ambiciones
    • These include promises that attempt to create a climate for their own fulfilment, and promises that are more accurately described as hyperbole.
    • And they are all bowing to Joseph in fulfillment of the prophecy.
    • The notion of muckraking journalism as an aphrodisiac seems like mere pundit wish fulfillment.
    • Any temporary happiness soon wears away in the old cycle of fulfillment of desire.
    • May my fasting and prayer become a time of growing intimacy with you as I await the fulfillment of your promises.
    • The necessary trust depends on benevolence to others, including strangers, honest dealing and fulfilment of promises entered into voluntarily.
    • "Is this the fulfillment of biblical prophecies? " asked an interviewer.
    • Copacabana sounds like a world invented by advertising executives, designed to awaken burning desires and promise of their fulfilment.
    • Be patient, as fulfillment of promises revives your faith.
    • Vulnerability is bad, fulfillment of desire is good, relationships are ever fraught.
    • It is a promise of fulfillment of deeper longings, whether it is for wisdom or for full unity with a beloved, or whether it is to be in God's presence.
    • For the first time in its history, capitalism did not thwart fulfillment of the republican promise to grant all citizens the equal opportunity to exercise their rights.
    • The promise of unity and fulfilment of desire promised by the institution of marriage is also undermined by both the characters and the events in this play.
    • And that's one of the keys to understanding the fulfillment of future prophecies.
    • This is an ideal way to start a life of togetherness for fulfillment of one's desires and dare say this is a golden getaway.
    • He represents the fulfillment of the dream that Janie has always had.
    • Each soul who holds this one office will either move that goal towards or away from its ultimate fulfillment.
    • To give thanks for fulfillment of a desire, a community meal is frequently prepared.
    • The prospect of a self-portrait is a wish fulfillment in more ways than one.
    • Angeline had been the fulfillment of her dreams, and Gretchen her first disappointment.
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    her family gave her a sense of fulfillment su familia la hacía sentirse realizada