Traducción de full en Español:


lleno, adj.

Pronunciación /fʊl//fʊl/

adjetivofuller, fullest

  • 1

    • 1.1(filled)

      (container/vessel) lleno
      don't speak with your mouth full no hables con la boca llena
      • my heart was too full me embargaba la emoción
      • full of sth lleno de algo
      • it's full of holes está lleno de agujeros
      • a book crammed / packed full of useful information un libro lleno de datos útiles
      • she's full of fun es muy divertida
      • they were full of praise for your work elogiaron mucho tu trabajo
      • Take one teaspoon of the solution from the bottle and put it into the pitcher full of water and leave it for thirty minutes.
      • The Opera House was far from full and yet the noise throughout the performance was quite amazing.
      • Our grey bin was only half full at the end of one week which theoretically means we will now only fill it once a fortnight.
      • Casey blushed, her hands full, not being able to reciprocate, but grinning as much as her anyway.
      • Once your children realise that a full piggy bank represents money to spend or save, the meaning will sink in.
      • The supply truck tows a water trailer and carries full water cans for direct exchange.
      • Off he went this morning, laden with two huge bundles of magazines and a bag full of empty yoghurt pots.
      • She was going to ride the same bus as us, but this one was too full, so she was placed on the second bus.
      • Be sure to keep your mouth too full to talk.
      • By the time I swung through the door, the room was nearly full.
      • Angelique went to the room where the computer was and saw a carton full of empty beer bottles.
      • The result will be more prisons full with thousands of young working class people.
      • Even if the stadium is only half full at 4pm next Sunday, Dublin's semi-final should go ahead.
      • With most of the city's hotels full, it meant a night in emergency accommodation.
      • By the weekend it was a joy to see both churches almost full to capacity.
      • Although both flights were completely full, the level of service was quite satisfactory.
      • Lessons also will be offered in the winter term - good to know if your desired class is full this term.
      • Shamed by his actions, Adam dropped his head as he poured himself a full glass of whisky.
      • When our tummies were well and truly full we went to do some more shopping.
      • The weekly show became a hit, and the club was often full beyond the legal limit.

    • 1.2(crowded)

      (room/train) lleno
      (hotel) lleno
      (hotel) completo
      you've got a very full day ahead of you tienes un día muy ocupado por delante

    • 1.3(well fed)

      I'm full (up) estoy lleno
      • A high fibre meal gives the sensation of being quickly full and satisfied.
      • Overall we had a very good time even though we were absolutely full by the time they left.
      • There was plenty to fill us without adding extra vegetables and afterwards we were too full for dessert.
      • The pair can only put up a token protest before they are full, warm, content and asleep.
      • How good one feels when one is full - how satisfied with ourselves and with the world!
      • She's full, and oh so satisfied, if only you could see the smile on her face.
      • She was so full, so full she felt like she couldn't hold on, and she didn't know what to do.
      • But no matter how fattening, you just won't feel full at the end.
      • It is believed that eating mainly high-GI foods leads to greater snacking since the body does not feel as full for long.
      • A warming, nourishing and satisfying dish that didn't leave me too full.
      • He patted his stomach again, sighed, and leaned backward, as if he were so full he could not sit up straight.
      • Of course, we all had far too much to eat, and ended up flopped on the settee feeling full but satisfied for the rest of the night.
      • Basically, people feel fuller after a protein-rich meal.

  • 2

    • 2.1(complete)

      (description/report) detallado
      (meal/name/answer) completo
      to pay the full price/amount pagar el precio íntegro/la totalidad de la suma
      • you have my full support tienes todo mi apoyo
      • in full control of his faculties en plena posesión de sus facultades
      • in full uniform vistiendo el uniforme completo
      • to lead a very full life llevar una vida muy activa
      • a full week's holiday una semana entera de vacaciones
      • full sister/brother hermana/hermano carnal
      • give full details of previous illnesses haga una relación detallada de las enfermedades que haya tenido
      • Now, few Americans admit to anything but full support for their president.
      • One producer did not want to be named because full details of the film are being kept secret.
      • Next week we will have the full list of names of the squad and mentors.
      • Soon, we had the full set of fingerprints and Holmes had the photographer position his camera in front of the wall safe.
      • When all the money is in and checked there will be a full account delivered.
      • They have conducted a very full and detailed investigation, and they have furnished me with a full report.
      • Access to the full text of an article may be dependent on your having a subscription to the journal.
      • They stated that they wanted those individuals to give a full account of their actions in court.
      • In due course a full report will be submitted to Glasgow Zoo and the appropriate authorities.
      • Make sure your full name, address and daytime contact number are written clearly on the email or postcard.
      • The full product range includes pasteurised and unpasteurised cow, goat and sheep's milk cheeses.
      • I am confident that I can finish the half marathons that I've got lined up, but still a bit daunted by doing the full one.
      • The police claimed to have full details of their names and residences.
      • If the account is full and accurate, then it's outrageous that West should be punished.
      • I will be interested to read the full report and see whether it makes any specific proposals.
      • The news coming out of the beta customers is positive so I await with interest the full announcement after the Summer.
      • Such steps are needed, but they should rapidly become mandatory if full compliance is lacking.
      • His assurances that his editors would have full control was an outright lie.
      • The full report is published in the June issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
      • Mr Price could not have complained if Andrew had set out the full description of the account in the registration form.
      • Around the start of the year the council took back full responsibility for property services.
      • And only now, a century or so later, are we given a full account of her life.
      • She later carried out a full postmortem examination at Cork University Hospital.
      • A full list of the names and events for the swimming will be printed next week.
      • This is because pears have to be eaten ripe to get anything like the full range of their taste and texture.
      • For a fuller description and statistical analysis of these polls, see the website.
      • Then, in that lawsuit, he would be entitled to full documentary disclosure.
      • Whatever the truth of the matter, we hope to be in a position to divulge the full facts next week.
      • Implementation of the plans is also dependent on a full archeological survey being carried out on the effected area.
      • Our local daily newspaper didn't bother reporting the full story, even when march organizers held a press conference to tell it.
      • The bank responded by saying that if you gave a full account of the costs, it would meet them.
      • The suspended activists have the full support of the union, regionally and nationally.
      • She says she was blackmailed into stealing this money and she gave the police a full account of what was involved.
      • Section 2 of that report provides a full account of the law enforcement and security forces in Jamaica.
      • I do not have the full details of the name of the officer who granted the permit to the individual concerned.
      • No doubt his full account will appear in the list of best-sellers, to coincide with his release.
      • Magistrates said they wanted full reports on him and said they must consider prison.
      • A full report of the winners, sponsors etc. will appear in this column next week.
      • In addition the full balance of all outstanding monies under your tenancy will become immediately payable and due.
      • They will have to publish the full report, so that will put it all in perspective.

    • 2.2(maximum)

      at full speed a toda velocidad
      • it took the full force of the impact recibió toda la fuerza del impacto

    • 2.3(with all rights)

      (member) de pleno derecho
      • People entitled to full membership must have served in the British armed forces or voluntary reserves.
      • Through its full membership of the EU, it has transmogrified into a modern European state.
      • Another name change is looming as the college intends to apply for full university status later this year.
      • Only when the refugees are granted ELR or full refugee status can they work in this country.
      • Hitler rewarded the two panzer groups with advancement to full army status.
      • For Marshall, citizenship expresses full membership in the national political community.
      • He said the road to full EU membership was long and time was needed to complete the process.
      • It took over five years for Austria, Sweden, and Finland to progress from application to full membership.
      • Baptism implies full membership of the Church and must never be separated from that understanding.
      • He had applied to be a firefighter but had not gotten full firefighter status as of yet.
      • In May this year he was granted full immigration status and his family joined him.
      • The party is their first since the Friends of Assisi House were granted full charity status.
      • The table tennis centre of excellence at Millthorpe School has been upgraded to full club status by the ETTA.
      • They had full refugee status, meaning they could find work and get somewhere to live.
      • She says the move to make women full members is ‘positive’ - and she hopes to be one of the first.
      • He had also joined a pistol club, which later refused him full membership.
      • Whether pushing for observer status or full membership, the bid is a difficult one.
      • Austria would prefer Turkey to get a preferential partnership rather than full membership.
      • The importance of the EEA is declining as its members assume full membership of the European Community.
      • People in Indonesia gain the status of full adults through marriage and parenthood.

  • 3

    • 3.1(rounded)

      (figure) regordete
      (figure) llenito coloquial
      clothes for the fuller figure talles grandes Río de la Plata
      • full in the face de cara redonda
      • She was very full figured, he was forced to admit as he held her around the waist.
      • He lifted her by the waist, her curves full and voluptuous as he edged her towards the bed.
      • Her own size seven body was full and firm, but it was nowhere as curvaceous as Nicola's.
      • I wear stylish clothes and have a good full figure.
      • She was a pretty woman, with a slightly pointed face, a small upturned nose, and full ruby-red lips.
      • The young man''s large eyes and full lips make his face look androgynous.
      • Those with fuller busts should opt for swimwear which offers maximum support.
      • Her figure was full, her hips were round and strong, and her hair was long, a black cascade which caressed the backs of her thighs.
      • He is described as thickset, in his mid 50s with a full face.
      • Consider an Argyle Merino turtleneck to balance fuller hips.
      • Many other stores are now catering for the fuller figure.
      • The boys are all in stripy dungarees and they are the spit of each other - with a mop of white blond hair, full cheeks and big blue eyes.
      • Here are some hair tips that can work for minimizing fuller face shapes.
      • Her lips weren't too full, but they weren't too small, either.

    • 3.2Indumentaria

      (skirt/sleeve) amplio
      • The first outfit she tried on was a pink shirt like her own except it had full sleeves on both sides.
      • Rochelle stood up, careful not to chip her polish, and ran her hand down the full skirt.
      • The third gown was a very fashionable emerald green, with a squared neck and a full skirt.
      • She pulled on her white robe with full sleeves and set her feet into her slippers.
      • She can ride even in a full court gown, in fact she can ride better in a dress than in pants.
      • Her gown had three full layers of delicate silk, all purple with pink on the middle layer.
      • The length of the short should hit the shapeliest part of your leg and not be too full or too tight.
      • Narrow hips are a must if you're going in for a full pleated skirt.
      • That's the mainstream style now: sort of fitted at the waist, and fuller in the leg.
      • The fabric was printed with a simple design, and the full skirt accentuated her tiny waist.
      • She was the last to come out on stage and she was dressed in a very long, full cloak.
      • She had on a light green full shirt, with a dark green tunic that brought out the color in her eyes.
      • It was a pale blue silk dress with a square cut neckline, fitted sleeves and a very full skirt.
      • There was a full blouse with a tunic that went over top, and a pair of plain cotton britches.
      • Her favorite was the pale blue one with the navy pinstripes and full skirt.
      • They are wearing long very full skirts which were last fashionable in Victorian times.
      • The full skirt of her red gown fell about her feet like a crimson pool.
      • She truly felt like royalty whenever she fingered the bell sleeves and full skirt.
      • Traditional American shirts tend to be fuller in the torso, which might cause your shirt to bulge when tucking.
      • Her skirts appeared unfashionably full, thanks to the numerous petticoats she was wearing.

    • 3.3(billowing)

      (sail/canvas) desplegado

  • 4

    (deep, rich)
    (aroma/taste) pronunciado
    • I love the rich full flavour of livers and think of them as a real treat despite their being inexpensive.
    • She explained that to get the full taste of a whiskey you need to add a little water.
    • With a very full sound and varied music mix the lads are sure to go from strength to strength.
    • Colors come across full and balanced, with blues and greens balancing nicely.
    • The music makes excellent use of the two channels and sounds quite full and developed.
    • Steady As A Rock puts the rich, full and heavy bass higher still in the mix, where it sits just as the title indicates.
    • Her hair was the richest, fullest red, and it spread across her shoulders like a cresting wave.
    • Use the best olive oil you can afford for this dressing because the full flavour will make all the difference.
    • How is it that so full a sound can come out of one tiny girl and her guitar.
    • Very clean and full with a biscuity flavour and subtle hints of citrus fruits on the nose.
    • Those with a mature palate are more likely to enjoy the full flavour.
    • Body is not related to wine quality, balance being more important in a wine than whether it is full or light bodied.
    • Once fermented on their skins, these wines were golden in colour, full in flavour and aroma.
    • The chick is born out of the egg with full colours and is perhaps the only bird in the world born as such.
    • This one has intense raspberry and blackberry fruit with a full, rich finish.
    • Let the berries hang on the branches a few more days to develop their full sweetness and aroma.
    • Warm them very slightly in the oven before serving, to bring out their full flavour.
    • The full palate is rich in white peaches and not overly aggressive on the mousse which leaves a creamy, lengthy finish.
    • The dynamics are mixed and it builds well but most of the time it's soft and thin or thick and full sound.
    • The salmon was imported from Norway and had that full flavour from the fjords.
    • Fantastic, pure, rich, full nose of fruit and caramel, with an almost minty overtone.
    • Very full and rich and dry with beefy tannins, this wine is of the type to drink with food only.
    • With two trombonists, they have a characteristic full sound down low on the music scale.
    • She was sick of her life, so she thought she could change it if she dyed her hair a full, unadulterated brown.
    • They need slow heating to bring out the full flavour, but overheating makes them bitter.
    • In summer I serve them at room temperature, but you don't get the full flavour if they're chilled.
    • It's good meat, full flavoured with a little touch of sweetness and smoke.
  • 5

    full of sth
    • they were full of the latest scandal no hacían más que hablar del último escándalo
    • She was full of it, spouting out a load of rubbish she probably read in The Sun.
    • At the moment he's full of his various building schemes.


  • 1

    full well muy bien
    • I can see full well that … me doy perfecta cuenta de que …
    • you know full well that … sabes perfectamente / muy bien que …
    • It was limiting, but I also knew full well going into it what my responsibility as an actor was going to be.
    • I'm doing what I can but I know full well I could do more.
    • As a career politician, he knows full well how to work his image.
    • The queer present negotiates with the past, knowing full well that the future is at stake.
    • She understands full well that even when some men are given every option to embrace the role of Mr. Mom, they may still need a push.
  • 2

    the sun shone full in my face el sol me daba de lleno en la cara
    • I looked him full in the face lo miré directamente a la cara
    • It was as if the angel of death had looked me full in the face - and then passed me by.
    • At the door she turned and looked him full in the eye, her strange dark gaze burning him to the core.
    • Erin cracked a smile and kissed him full on the lips.
    • His pillow missed Gary and hit Will full in the face.
    • Instead he planted it full in the solar plexus, lifting the man clear of the floor.
    • I took Eve in my arms and kissed him full on the lips.
    • Ariadne looked back at the Minotaur, with interest, and laughed ‘full in his face’.
    • Alex stopped his packing and looked the princess full in the face.
    • He had not been able to brake his car in time and had run full into him.
    • It was Brown who foiled the striker, spreading himself to take Beattie's shot full in the chest.
    • And with that, he bent down and kissed me full on the lips.