Traducción de full point en Español:

full point

punto, n.


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    punto masculino
    • Abbreviations consisting of initial letters of words do not have a full point between letters: USA, CIS.
    • A longer quotation should close with a full point and any page reference should be placed after the full point.
    • O M Brack Jr, for instance, does not use full points after his initials.
    • My line is that printers call them full points, and normal people call them full stops; that is, unless a layman says ‘full point’, then the printer will correct him.
    • The asterisk means that the residues in that column are identical in all sequences in the alignment; the colon means that conserved substitutions have been observed; the full point means that semi-conserved substitutions are observed.
    • No full point for etc. if followed by other punctuation.
    • In the latter case, give the reference in brackets below the quotation, with no full point after it.