Traducción de fumbling en Español:


titubeante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfʌmblɪŋ//ˈfəmb(ə)lɪŋ/


  • 1

    (apology) titubeante
    (effort/attempt) torpe
    • The jackknife was in my hand as soon as my fumbling fingers could manage the pockets on my jumpsuit.
    • If you take the first fumbling attempt at clarity, and miss out the qualifications and the additions, misrepresenting someone is easy.
    • Coffee and common sense forgotten, she sprinted to the back door and struggled to unlock it with trembling, fumbling fingers, her hip still aching from her impact with the table.
    • Because I didn't know what was wrong and no amount of fumbling self-analysis via a computer screen was going to tell me.
    • So, based on my own stumbling, fumbling experience, I offer the following list of things I would strongly advise aspiring and despairing writers not to do.
    • With fumbling fingers, I slowly took my change from her gentle flour-dusted palms and prayed that she was just a little podgy and not pregnant, catching her eye for another one of those smiles as I jangled out of the door.
    • Melan came back to the door and peered out at him, a single figure stood in the middle of a corridor, fiddling with his hoodie like a fumbling child.
    • He and his friend from jr. high were both too young to know what they were doing and it ended up just being awkward kisses and fumbling touches in the dark.
    • But, as you would expect, the Inspector is no mug and played our fumbling probing with the skill of an experienced fly fisherman, which in fact he is.
    • Blue yanked her coat on, shoving past them and locking the door with fumbling fingers.
    • It is interesting (if a little painful) to look back on one's own early fumbling attempts, and I have highlighted my mistakes as well as lessons I learned from them.
    • Within little more than 60 years of that first fumbling flight along a North Carolina beach we had left the earth altogether and set foot upon another world.
    • Drawing the covers up with a fumbling hand, he draped his arm around the other person in the bed, absently kissing Jane's shoulder as she began to stir.
    • There was a fumbling noise as the Propes' answering machine came on.
    • Robben's shot was powerful enough, but he could not have expected it to slip through Isaksson's fumbling hands, after which the ball bounced against the base of the post.
    • I did feel like quite the fumbling fool in that class.
    • Yet all of his fumbling relationships are justifiable in terms of the highly-charged lyric poetry they produced.
    • Far from being plugged with a slug of lead, the loser's fumbling fingers have only cost him a little face in front of his fellow fast draw enthusiasts.
    • The fumbling relationships are pathetically innocent.
    • After an hour or so I was ready to connect again and started the long fumbling progress toward establishing reliable web working and email.