Traducción de fume en Español:


despedir gases, v.

Pronunciación /fjum//fjuːm/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    despedir gases
    • Birds, generally, will not tolerate human beings, especially human beings with gigantic clumsy flying machines that fume with black smoke and sound like a flying earthquake.
    • Smoke fumed out from the hood and it looked like that something blew up.
    • It was sounding like a scratched holodisc right now and smoke was fuming out of it's light receptor.
    • Todd was bright red with anger now and looked as if smoke would start to fume from his ears.
  • 2coloquial

    (be angry)
    she was absolutely fuming estaba que echaba humo / chispas / que bufaba coloquial
    • Our confusion quickly gave way to anger, and we fumed in suppressed rage.
    • Since roadworks began on a stretch of the Naas carriageway motorists have fumed at being forced to keep to a 40 mph legal limit.
    • Wayne fumed at how ignorant and carefree Tanya was.
    • Residents of the David Murray John Tower fumed at being left out in the cold for an hour after a second 30-year-old lift failed and security guards said they could not allow them to use the stairs.
    • Motorists fumed at the blocked roads, rail travellers found many services severely hit and the RAC demanded a public inquiry into the nation's resources for coping with emergency conditions.
    • I can almost hear the smoke fuming out of her ears.
    • The normally phlegmatic Jones fumed at reports suggesting that Radcliffe was anything less than ready, saying they might act as an incentive to her rivals.
    • Of course there have been times when I have fumed at the end of the phone line when some official gave me an answer I didn't like but as I get older I realise that sometimes the answer has to be ‘No’.
    • The queen fumed at this intrusion, ‘I told you to stay out until we were through.’
    • But Erin only fumed at him, and when the king knocked at the door of her bedchamber, she didn't even answer.
    • ‘But you're too full of yourself to even give me a chance to talk… explain’ he fumed at her but he didn't move any closer to her.
    • He sat stiffly beside her on the ground, fuming.
    • Scarlett fumed at her brother but remained silent.
    • Julia silently fumed at the lack of concern over her departure.
    • Keane fumed at these failures and the defeatism that accompanied them as Chelsea dominated English football.
    • I fumed at the noisy, smelly, insensitive machismo of it.
    • He still fumed at the accusations thrown towards him.
    • The officer who had left the army under a cloud was now, in 1940, being summoned by a prime minister who fumed at the ‘wasted brains’ in Britain.
    • ‘It says in the scriptwriting book that every character has an arc,’ he fumed at one point.
    • Modi may have fumed at the audacity of a woman who could stand out in public and point a finger at him, but there was little that he could do to stop her.