Traducción de fun en Español:


diversión, n.

Pronunciación /fʌn//fən/


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    diversión femenino
    the fun ended when … la diversión se acabó cuando …
    • this is fun! ¡qué divertido (es esto)!
    • to have fun pasarlo / pasársela bien
    • what fun we used to have! ¡cómo nos divertíamos!
    • goodbye, have fun adiós, que lo pases bien / que te diviertas
    • cooking can be great fun cocinar puede ser de lo más divertido
    • it's not much fun just sitting here no te creas que es muy divertido estar aquí sentado
    • it's all good, clean fun es una diversión sana
    • he's good fun es muy divertido
    • to do/say sth in fun hacer/decir algo en broma
    • all the fun of the fair todas las diversiones habidas y por haber
    • Although these toys may be a good source of fun for youngsters, on the long term they will only do harm.
    • She had the rare ability to give her best and encourage the best in others while maintaining a sense of flair, humour and fun.
    • Play with your baby - this shows you like spending time together having fun.
    • These guys are having fun doing what they are doing and it shows.
    • But now we have to do reinterviews of people that are having fun getting in the spotlight.
    • Fashion, fripperies and fun seemed to be consuming the nation.
    • Coupled with learning, fun, jive and jest, to enhance one's personality one must get a good campus life.
    • She enjoyed entertaining and her home was always full of fun and laughter.
    • Calling all children who are interested in dancing and having fun.
    • Those who engage in vandalism in most cases do so as a source of fun for themselves and their friends.
    • I love to see them roll over and over on their backs, race up and down the hills making snorting, happy noises, most obviously full of glee and fun.
    • While most of the seniors maintained a serious countenance, these kids had fun.
    • Someone in the database has been having fun and this fun will shortly come to an end.
    • Gold jewellery worn in layers best conveys the mood of fun, playfulness and stylish chaos.
    • Weekends are full of creative fun for kids of all ages at the Horniman Museum.
    • It is an example of Marshall's style of filmmaking, characterised by its good humour and buoyant sense of fun.
    • I like that Jon Stewart's guests seem to have a good sense of humour, and have fun with the show and the host.
    • They are a cause of pride to people living in rural areas, and a source of entertainment, fun and education to those who visit from towns and cities.
    • Rather, we just need a venue to get together to show that we are just as much into having fun as we are into pursuing our academic ventures.
    • To them the pipe lagging was a plaything, a source of fun.
    • Rees was an excellent listener and a thoughtful adviser and he had a great sense of humour and of fun.
    • These mini-features are chock full of fun, interesting trivia, and are not to be skipped.
    • I had so much fun on Open Source last night and discovered that there are quite a few truck drivers who are birders.
    • Ticket sales have been going very well for what will be a great night of fun and fashion.
    • From the student perspective she was seen as the warmest of people, very popular with her peers and full of fun.
    • Apart from getting a preview of things to come, Fashion Week offers endless fun in the form of people-watching.
    • Village carnivals are a source for both fun and community pride.
    • The film looks fresh and trips the light fantastic, it's fun, breezy and full of laughs.
    • He had his own fun, having fun, dancing, reggae, all that, on the beach and all that.
    • Its quick rise in appeal and purpose is attributed to both fashion and fun.
    • The artists will paint a design based on the theme of having fun.
    • It really didn't take that long for me to realise that I was having fun, for the first time in ages I was enjoying myself.
    • I vaguely remember playing soccer and having fun with my old friends.
    • ‘The emphasis this year will be on fancy dress and having fun as opposed to winning,’ said Tim.
    • There's some mild postmodern fun to be had identifying these sources, but that's hardly the point.
    • He had managed to befriend them all in Sadie's service, and proved to be an excellent source of fun.
    • Simply because he seems to be having so much fun, Michael Rudder stands out in an able cast of seven.
    • While under water themselves, the pair had some memorable fun with a playful beluga whale.
    • The November wind was chilly, but I didn't think that it was too cold to have some good old fashioned fun.
    • You could call Kim effervescent and tremendous fun in her naked patriotism, or you could call her very irritating.
    • Having fun is the best way to banish the blahs and reap physical benefits.
    • They feel bad because the culture suggests everybody's having fun, and if you're not there's something the matter with you.
    • However, even a single inexhaustible form of unproblematic fun is enough to avoid the problems above.
    • Intelligent and obedient, this breed also has a character full of fun.
    • This is fabulous stuff, evocative and ethereal while also being playful and fun.
    • She's 82 and as full of fun and mischief as ever, over the phone - even though she's hardly able to walk these days.
    • These models freely gave of their time to add spectacle to the style, cheeky charm to the chic and full-on fun to the fashion.
    • Before you can even play the disc a screen pops up with some enhanced fun.
    • She was always full of fun and trusted everyone she met.
    • He had the most amazing bright eyes, full of laughter and fun.
    • Maybe they are a little bit distracted from having fun and skating with their friends.
    • Gone too will be spoiled votes, which are often a source of fun for those scanning the voting sheets.
    • As a friend noted at work, you can just tell he's having fun when he plays.
    • Maybe that's a function of getting older - you reach a point where you realise you're just not having fun anymore, and so you leave.
    • Honey is a young golden mixed breed terrier, who likes cats, and is full of fun and playful.
    • These people were friendly, courteous to excess, and full of fun.
    • Are you planning and resting and having fun or concentrating on 2001's season?
    • I spent far too much time and money, fitting it, having fun, relaxing.
    • Kerry leans his head back and laughs heartily, because he's having fun, you know?
    • The almost-familiar music is great fun and the major source of delight in this show.


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    (sport) divertido
    (sport) entretenido
    (party) divertido coloquial
    (party) chévere Cono Sur América Latina coloquial
    (party) guay España coloquial
    (party) piola Río de la Plata coloquial
    (party) padre México coloquial
    he's a fun person es un tipo divertido
    • Which is sad, because this guy makes some of the most interesting and fun music in Wellington, or even New Zealand.
    • Yes, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and fun night and real stars did in fact emerge.
    • The evening proceeded with a fun quiz and was followed by a musical quiz.
    • It has been years since my mother has seen me perform, so it will be a fun evening.
    • A fun evening this, finishing off an altogether worthwhile and enjoyable season on a pleasant note.
    • Worlds where animals talk and live like humans have always been fun and interesting, and Band of Thieves is no different.
    • Here are several interesting, unique and fun outfits and styles that you might want to try out.
    • Once the crust has set up, the least amount of fresh powder will give you equally enjoyable and fun conditions.
    • A ploughman's lunch was provided and the cooler weather contributed to a very enjoyable fun day.
    • For ten years, Gary Martin has made some of the most interesting and fun dance music around.
    • She was nearly always a subject of Dylan's flirting and knew it was fun and enjoyable.
    • But all in all, paying took about half an hour which was a tedious, tiresome end to what was otherwise a fun evening.
    • The bustle and madness of the day slowly faded into the exchange of fun memories towards the evening.
    • I still enjoy it a lot and it makes my life a lot more fun and enjoyable.
    • Rather than being victim to this silly debate, we should move forward and embrace this interesting and fun addition to sex.
    • I sucked it up, however, complimented her on her gown, and wished her and her friends a fun evening.
    • If we are fortunate, we work in professions that are fun and enjoyable as well as productive.
    • There are other interesting and fun ideas; a few new ways of thinking.
    • However, on landing all was well and the group set out for Athy having had an enjoyable, interesting and fun weekend.
    • I hope people voted for the Greens, because as a bunch they are actually fun and interesting people.