Traducción de functionality en Español:


funcionalidad, n.

Pronunciación /ˌfəŋ(k)ʃəˈnælədi//fʌŋkʃəˈnaləti/


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    funcionalidad femenino
    • Great architecture integrates functionality and fitness for purpose with a wealth of other values.
    • We have far superior restroom functionality and standards here.
    • These consumers tend to buy luxury products for their superior functionality and quality.
    • We throw away stuff not because it's outlived its usefulness or functionality but its novelty.
    • To me the test of good technology is functionality, ability to enhance the quality of my life, and absence of moral conundrums.
    • Publishers are looking at ways in which they can improve services and functionality.
    • The rooms they're served in exhibit durability and functionality instead of style, and they rarely ever change.
    • Adding a rustic butcher block island creates a wonderful visual effect as well as provides useful functionality.
    • It was loved for its reliability, sporty styling, functionality and utility.
    • The status of industrial designers has been steadily rising as consumers demand more than just functionality from the objects that surround them.
    • Everyone recognizes that we have come a very long way in bringing superior quality and functionality within reach of the masses.
    • I was really impressed with the ease of use, ergonomics, and functionality built into the web meeting application.
    • So this is a slight downside of the new machine. It isn't a problem in terms of functionality, but it is a little bit of a problem in terms of design and convenience.
    • Aesthetic quality and functionality were the decisive criteria for the choice of materials.
    • Innovative material developments, lots of hidden functionality and new finishing techniques mean a high degree of wear comfort.
    • People want functionality and quality, but also want to make a statement; they want to be cool.
    • You can get the best quality material for your cabinets but lose out on their functionality.
    • The English language has no easy way to distinguish between statements of functionality and purposefulness.
    • Therefore, usability concerns interfere with understanding purpose and functionality.
    • When you look at the versatility, durability, functionality and quality of our equipment we are very well off.