Traducción de funky en Español:


funky, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfəŋki//ˈfʌŋki/

adjetivofunkiest, funkier


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    (invariable adjective) funky
    • The result is a lively blend of jazz, restrained hip-hop and funky feel-good rhythm.
    • The Montreal crew share a technique, processing tiny fragments of sound into bubbling, funky, minimal house music.
    • Their music, a funky twist of '80s new wave and '90s indie, drew in onlookers as they pushed through their set.
    • Kahakalau's multicultural, multilingual background is reflected in her music, which ranges from soft Hawaiian rhythms to funky reggae beats.
    • The background music was funky jazz, just right for a Saturday lunchtime.
    • The result builds on the success of his earlier efforts by delivering a smooth, intoxicating mixture of beats and funky rhythms that provide the perfect soundtrack to any chilled out mood.
    • The music was funky, but didn't inspire impromptu dancing the last night I was there which was a shame.
    • As we arrived at the race site, Simon had on his headphones listening to funky music.
    • The show is a pure play on energy, filled with funky beats and strong singing and dancing.
    • Coffee sounded great; a quiet, warm shop filled with funky music and the aroma of coffee.
    • The exotic funky music played really added to the night coupled with the mixed friendly crowd.
    • The level loaded and funky techno music filled the room.
    • People naturally respond to the diminutive sax man's keening sound, funky rhythms and bluesy riffs.
    • With their funky beats, James Brown samples and goofy lyrics, this duo achieved a mainstream breakthrough for hip-hop.
    • Finally, Toby Weymouth will round things off with funky techno and breaks.
    • ‘My original intention, and it still is, was to have very positive, funky, party dance music,’ he says.
    • Music will include funky techno, a cappella singers, dance floor jazz, and chilled house.
    • Both tracks are up-tempo numbers that also show the influence of the Ramsey Lewis Trio's funky jazz, but with the crucial addition of vibes.
    • Always an Irish favourite, Justin is equally at home playing pumping house as funky techno and always rocks the party.
    • Today, Maceo leads his own soldiers across the world playing the same old funky music he's been playing over the course of the last few decades.
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    (style) original
    • These stylishly funky e-mail invites have great graphics, most with sound clips and animations.
    • They were really strange, funky clothes and I kept wondering if they managed to get the right size and why they would do this.
    • During the second half of the evening casual and funky clothes were modelled as the girls gave everyone ideas for a Saturday night out with a difference.
    • If teenagers want to dye their hair, paint their fingernails black, or wear funky clothes, it may be worth thinking twice before you object.
    • I'm trying to make this a modern and funky place to live.
    • The clothes are funky, the sideburns are long, and the attitude is far out.
    • The ninth house I lived in was a funky modern architectural travesty.
    • Are you getting bored with the modern, slick and funky eateries around town?
    • The aim is to promote a funky, modern image of Chichester, in keeping with the new type of buyer that estate agents have identified.
    • The setting might have been old but what they were making there was modern and funky.
    • This is the eighth year of funky crafts, clothes, cards and hopefully more of those neat pillows they had last year.
    • The heavy drapes were pulled down making it quite dark, while the cutlery and accessories are modern and funky.
    • Add lighting to your office with funky, stylish desk and standing lamps.
    • They are also stylish, funky, and sexy: even snow-boarders are sporting less baggy attire.
    • We were in the Haight, a neighborhood known for head shops, funky clothes and '60s memorabilia.
    • He tackles a variety of styles, from his signature over-the-top look through chic, romantic, modern and funky, and on to downright conservative.
    • Keep one simple pair for everyday use and get one funky or stylish pair for certain occasions, like a night out on the town, or to go with a particular outfit.
    • Jane Bond's Martinis are one of its features and, though pricey at $6.85, are just as stylish, funky and classy as the rest of the restaurant.
    • The company offers clothing that is trendy and funky, so you don't have to substitute style for politics.
    • The clothes are wonderful, a mix of funky, stylish and classic pieces.