Traducción de funnel en Español:


embudo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfʌn(ə)l//ˈfənl/


  • 1

    (for pouring)
    embudo masculino
    • The grass spider, though, hides at the edge of its sprawling web, lurking inside a silken cave: the hole at the bottom of the funnel.
    • I then placed a 5-gallon bucket of water with a teaspoon of dish washing liquid under the funnel.
    • Transfer this liquid into a funnel lined with a coffee filter placed over the opening of the culture jar to return the excess fluid to the container.
    • It is a case-actuated system similar to one used by Hornady where a funnel inside the powder die is pushed up by contact with the primed case.
    • The range of ideas explored should feel like a funnel, starting off wide, and narrowing as you go along.
    • Lyman also has an accessory called the ‘Powder Pal’ that combines the scale pan with a powder funnel.
    • Look ahead of the airplane and imagine your flightpath as a narrow, rectangular funnel with the runway at the end.
    • They were shaped differently, more cylindrical, with longer, more narrow funnels at their bases.
    • The kit contains test tubes, pipettes, funnels and other lab materials necessary for multiple experiments and activities.
    • This device acts as a funnel, guiding a woman's urine to the relief tube.
    • Yet Rome has consistently rowed back the development of liturgy as embodied in a particular time, place and culture and attempted to force language and liturgy through a narrow funnel.
    • There are three different powder funnels which actuate the measure only if a case is present.
    • As you lower the handle, station three's case rises into the powder funnel and the case-actuated powder measure drops the correct charge.
    • The pitch was warmed and poured into a glass funnel, with the bottom of the steam sealed.
    • He referred to the fact that he also knows at the present time that the cavity opening was like a funnel, narrow at the bottom and wide at the top.
    • The fumigation and oxygenation apparatus comprises a large stone jar with a glass funnel and a pipe leading into the room.
    • However, in an emergency there was a small funnel attached to a tube down the back of the plane, with a short draw curtain around it.
    • During the gravity filtration the filtrate passes through the filter medium under the combined forces of gravity and capillary attraction between the liquid and the funnel stem.
    • Approximately 5 ml of this suspension, corresponding to 200 mg of cells, were dispersed onto a nylon membrane using a Buchner funnel to remove liquid medium.
    • As we walked inside, we saw Dennis coming down the stairs carrying a long tube with a large funnel attached to it.
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    • 2.1British (on steamship, steam engine)

      chimenea femenino
      • The dense smoke on USS Yorktown was caused when a bomb hit the ship's funnel which temporarily knocked out her boilers.
      • From a distance, you can also make out the ship's two enormous funnels, each emblazoned on both sides with a huge letter ‘S ‘set in a laurel wreath.’
      • Through the snow outside, he could see the image of the ship's funnel against the sky.
      • These are successfully reinterpreted as curved bodies rather like ship's funnels, a parallel made more explicit in places by marine details apparent in air-outlets and ventilation grills.
      • Gigliotti stationed two officers with a measuring pole atop the ship winged funnel and, with help from helicopters circling overheard, guided the boat under the bridge.
      • Vosper Thorneycroft in Portsmouth is building the bow sections, masts and funnels for all six ships.
      • The funnel runs down through the middle of the ship to the engine room and you can place your hand on it where it comes through the middle deck and feel the heat.
      • The bright new paintwork on the ship's funnel and wheelhouse stand proud against the murky grey waters of the River Clyde, like a symbol of hope amidst the flotsam and jetsam.
      • From there the Queen was taken to one of the ship's giant swimming pools where she was presented with a model of the ship's funnel by representatives of the St Nazaire shipyard in France where QM2 was built.
      • Sweltering mist of changing shades slithered through the funnels and fissures of the ship, constantly spewing out balls of effusive film containing radioactive particles and radiant flares.
      • The cruiser lurched under the hail of fire - two shots slammed into the wheels and funnels of the strange ship, shattering wood and rending metal until the sleek machine of death became a tangled mess of bloody scrap.
      • Being a modern ship, the funnel is just a decorative cover for an exhaust pipe from the engine.
      • The sea boiled and on every side ships were stripped of their funnels and superstructure by the blast wave that hit the shoreline a split-second later.
      • They repainted the ship's funnel and lifeboats, changed its name, then sailed to a rendezvous with a second tanker and transferred most of the cargo before getting clean away.
      • He attempted to enter the ship by the funnel but nearly went up in a puff of smoke due to the non fire retardant Santa suit.
      • The older ships had their own character, with their funnels painted in the line's colour.
      • This ship had four funnels, with smoke coming out of them, and looked magnificent as she glided through the ocean water, with a warm sunset in the background.
      • Her symptoms are much milder, certainly, but Christopher has a fear of the colour yellow; Hayley has a phobia about cogs and ship funnels.
      • It shows the entire ship, smoke billowing from her four funnels as she leaves Queenstown bound for New York.
      • This vessel with her two stub funnels is considered to be a relatively small ship compared with the 28000-ton ships which regularly come to East London.

    • 2.2US (ventilation shaft)

      conducto de ventilación masculino

verbo transitivofunnelled, funnelling, funneling, funneled

  • 1

    echar con un embudo
    she funneled the oil/sand into the bottle echó el aceite/la arena en la botella con un embudo
    • Even when Congress orders a study, the funding doesn't come directly from the legislature; it is usually funneled through an executive agency - one which might be opposed to the study and hold up the funding.
    • No single company will have an exposure of more than £60m as claims against acts of terrorism are funnelled through a special collective insurance system, backed by the government.
    • Decades of economic stagnation and the fact that most resources are funneled through the state restrict people's opportunities to achieve social and economic mobility.
    • The really bad students are funnelled through there to even a more simplified program.
    • The water was funnelled through a gap left to allow access to the fields for farm vehicles leading to widespread flooding of nearby homes.
    • This money was then funneled through a series of bank accounts in Gibraltar, Switzerland and Monaco, all controlled by a London lawyer who had performed no work for the project.
    • Assimilationists consider religion the site where core American values are funneled through the socialization of religion.
    • Do members remember the scandal when it was revealed that taxpayers' money was funnelled through a public relations firm to get people to lobby members of Parliament?
    • When calves are fed milk it is funnelled through the oesophageal groove to the true stomach by-passing the rumen.
    • Funds, clothing, food, etc. are not given directly to the poor, rather they are funneled through the recipient government.
    • At that time, Hekmatyar was a particular favourite in Washington and received the lion's share of the support being funnelled through Pakistan's military intelligence agency.
    • It's difficult if not impossible to evaluate a company's investment performance if its investments are funneled through holding companies, making them hidden from view.
    • His prose gets its jumpiness and rhythm from the minds of characters it is funneled through, and the works are full of often-obscure references to people, places and literature of the past and present.
    • It took an hour or more for the audience to all get in, as they were funneled through single file at the entrance.
    • This excitation energy is funneled through a series of molecules into a reaction center where it is converted to chemical energy.
    • Indeed, when junk bonds and risky securitization issues go wanting, such risky loans are increasingly funneled through asset-backed conduit programs.
    • The information was funneled through counterrevolutionary organizations and their press in the United States, especially in Miami.
    • Is there any better evidence that the rich in this country are funneled through one legal system while the poor get another?
    • Much of the information about Iraq's alleged WMD programs was funneled through the INC - information that has been universally discredited.
    • Much of the money was funnelled through Liberal-friendly advertising firms.
  • 2

    (investment/resources) canalizar
    (efforts/energies) encauzar
    (energies/efforts) canalizar
    (imagination/enthusiasm) canalizar
    they funneled the crowd through the main gates hicieron salir/entrar al gentío por la puerta principal