Traducción de funnily en Español:


de modo extraño, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈfʌnəli//ˈfənəli/



  • 1

    de modo extraño
    de modo raro
    • Others do, extremely funnily at times, but it's just not me, I'm afraid.
    • Allegra entered his room, she was wearing a pair of jeans and a puffy, warm sweater, it looked expensive… but a look at her slippers was funnily contradictory.
    • Miles stared at him funnily then walked toward the target.
    • Yes, pop culture pedagogy is, indeed, one way to funnily distract students from the mandatory, often punitive-seeming (to both students and teachers) experience of comp class.
    • Jahson looked at him funnily, but did not answer.
    • Why on earth did Ben have to act so funnily today?
    • She speaks earnestly, thoughtfully and funnily about how we are all ‘differently abled ‘in one way or another.’
    • Some of these characters are important, some just drift through the film; all are sketched funnily and realistically.
    • And people will look at you funnily for even thinking that they might care.
    • The pace of this album goes something like this: sex to sexy, and funnily put at that.
    • He looked at her funnily and slowly took the piece of toast out of his mouth.
    • Chris looked at her funnily before giving a small chuckle.
    • ‘The younger one was Tim and the older one was John,’ says Emma in a funnily breathless voice that sounds as if she's about to faint.
    • One student watched her funnily as she violently shook her pen up and down.
    • I find him, by and large, very funny, though he's always treads a fine line between being funnily offensive and being downright offensive.
    • He had a funnily authoritative way of speaking, she noticed, especially for his age - although age was relative with Caleb.
    • Where he had once been funnily cynical, he became at times viciously cruel, not only to myself but to our daughters, who came to resent and fear him.
    • She paused and looked at Wyatt funnily before reaching out a plucking a long brown hair off of his coat.
    • Tana just acted normal, pretending not to understand why they were all looking at her funnily and angrily.
    • It would have been awful, because, according to my judgement, the threat of hoovering wasn't just a joke - many funnily gross things happened on camp to make me believe it would be done.