Traducción de furrier en Español:


peletero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfʌrɪə//ˈfəriər/


  • 1

    peletero masculino
    peletera femenino
    • The furrier shortened it into a jacket, and later into a hat, and then a muff, and then a pillow, and finally a button.
    • Jay had been working as a furrier in Glasgow but he contracted an allergy off the pelts.
    • She even attacked the furriers, saying, quote, ‘Every season, they put propaganda everywhere that fur is taking off again.’
    • The coverage is purchased by furriers, department stores, warehouses, and cleaners that accept such items for storage or service.
    • I am looking for someone who might possibly have been, or worked for a furrier in the past, at any rate someone who knows what's what in fur terms.
    • The bulky pelts had all been sold, exchanged for silver with passing merchants who would in turn take them to a furrier.
    • Early in the nineteenth century, the number of tailors, furriers, jewellers and haberdashers rose steeply.
    • Marcus Loew, onetime furrier and currently owner of a group of nickelodeons, had come on the scene, combining live acts and two-reelers at his New York showcase, Loew's State.
    • Official collaboration between Nunavut and Montreal fur designers began four years ago, when Montreal-based fur veteran Ingo Moslener was hired as a consultant to help Nunavut furriers modernize their production techniques.
    • His father was a furrier, his mother ran a dress shop.
    • Without any obligation or charge our staff of skilled furriers will gladly offer a quotation for repairs, restyling, cleaning or dyeing.
    • In later years, the furrier business was operated entirely from Mr. Smith's home - until his retirement in 1972.
    • Tailors, dressmakers and furriers make, alter and repair tailored clothing, dresses, coats and other made-to-measure garments.
    • Hillary Clinton recently had a new mink coat made for her by Manhattan furrier Peter Duffy.
    • There is also a special crafts Christmas market with workshops of gold and silversmiths, furriers, chandlers, bookbinders, and bakers at the St. Margareth's Church.
    • He was also a budding go-getter who used to work in his family's furrier shop and stretch animal hides for 25 cents each.
    • The agent intends to create a national furriers block program under which a furrier would solicit, quote rates, and sell garment protection to its customers.
    • The silver fox ranges from strong silver to nearly black and is the most prized by furriers.
    • Canada's fur industry is boasting an improvement in sales for the year 2002, and furriers are predicting even better business next year.
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