Traducción de furthermore en Español:


además, adv.

Pronunciación /fəːðəˈmɔː//ˈfərðərˌmɔr/


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    furthermore, we need to consider his motives además, / es más, tenemos que considerar sus móviles
    • Demographic data can furthermore be used to help choose a location to place a new retail store.
    • The landscape of cities throughout the world, furthermore, varies considerably.
    • There is, furthermore, no indication that rules limiting booze have any effect on, say, road injuries.
    • He was under the impression, furthermore, that England was infinitely wealthy, which was not the case.
    • In the process, furthermore, they consistently overcame schools with five or six times as many pupils on their books.
    • Similar arguments are made, furthermore, in other areas of responsibility.
    • His work on militarism is furthermore significant because he designed his arguments explicitly to rebut the Marxist line on the subject.
    • It was furthermore confirmed that the concentration was more than 250 times higher than acceptable presence limit.
    • And furthermore, Adam has a write-up about similar types of record projects, with pictures.
    • I said that the there are costs to democracy; furthermore, they are quite high.
    • The parents should furthermore be vigilant and cautious in viewing programmes on cable TV.
    • But he knew that the aspect of the castle was the wrong one and that furthermore the road was between the castle and the hotel.
    • In the making of domestic policy, furthermore, he is often at sea.
    • This is a town, not a village, and, furthermore, a town which people are fast trying to make into a place to be entertained.
    • Unlike many Welsh poets, he wrote in Welsh rather than English, and furthermore, in the Welsh bardic tradition.
    • It seems to confirm that he is indeed trying to say what he means and furthermore that he wants the rest of us to be clear what that is.
    • Every attempt to turn back the time and, furthermore, to restore totalitarian communism is absurd.
    • I'm neither studious nor detached, and, furthermore, I rather think I am a fool.
    • Critics often claim, furthermore, that the characters are more like types than real, multidimensional people.
    • It is also, furthermore, far better than the usability of the runway at W.H. Bramble or Blackburne Airport.