Traducción de furthest en Español:


más alejado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfərðəst//ˈfəːðɪst/


also farthest

  • 1

    más alejado
    más distante
    superlative of far


  • 1also farthest

    (in distance) más lejos
    this is the ship that went furthest este es el barco que llegó más lejos
    • The turn the shoulders must be the dominant move starting the downswing, because the shoulders were coiled much more than the hips and thus have the farthest to travel.
    • Special prizes will also be awarded to the youngest contestant, the contestant who traveled the farthest to attend, and the people's favorite.
    • A balloon for every child in the school was released on Tuesday and the owner of the balloon which travels the farthest will receive an art set and voucher.
    • We could get a bunch of competitors, give them each a crate of Elephant, and then see who could drive furthest from Front Street without having a crash.
    • As we had no back-vehicle, it was a big challenge, as the furthest any of us had ridden before was the London to Brighton bike ride - none of us had ever done anything like this before, and we chose the hottest Summer in our lifetimes to do it!
    • Along with more than a dozen of her peers, Granholm strapped on a pedometer to see who walked the farthest during a 16-week period.
    • Islanders boast that the farthest any fish travels from sea to plate is 100 yards.
    • He is a keen, regular cyclist, but the furthest he has ridden in a day to date has been 100 miles.
    • One band, Psyche, travelled the farthest to attend the festivities.
    • Dillard's 3d Platoon was in the lead because he had farthest to go to reach his old position.
    • It's the furthest we travel to any venue but the price and the condition of the course make it worth while.
    • The person whose balloon travels the farthest will win a luxury limousine and driver for a day.
  • 2also farthest

    (in time)
    the furthest ahead we can look lo más lejos en el futuro que podemos ver
    • the furthest back I can remember el recuerdo más lejano / antiguo que tengo
    • Afterwards he sailed on to reach 68° south, which was at the time the furthest southern latitude attained by any sailing trip, before having to turn back.
    • The dukedom furthest to the north was Northfield, famous for its horses.
    • At the very moment we'd reached the point furthest from home, the sky opened and heaven dropped on us, a drop at a time.
    • Knockhill is actually the furthest north the BTCC goes but according to Batchelor it could have been worse.
    • Until recently, the furthest confirmed inland location was Napa County.
    • We were heading down the classic 13 kilometre ‘Derby’ run to Küblis, the furthest of the traditional villages reached by these long, celebrated ski routes.
    • The summer solstice on June 21 marks the first day of astronomical summer in the northern hemisphere, and is the time when the sun rises and sets furthest north and casts the shortest shadow at midday.
    • The furthest north a southern right had been sighted was Hervey Bay, on the central Queensland coast, but Mr Harrison said they would be sighted further and further north as their numbers grew.
    • That would probably explain why the furthest I've ever gotten with a guy was a slow dance… the literal kind.
    • The division rear area was the farthest forward the MASH or the CSH could be deployed.
    • HM ships Example, Explorer and Archer sailed the furthest West when they reached Howth, Cork and Galway in the Republic of Ireland.
    • Another in 1853 spread to Chicago and St. Louis where itinerant railroad workers took it to Iowa City, which is the furthest the railroad had reached.
    • These are two homes that are - you can see one of them, the furthest one to the north, is starting to get fully involved.
    • The George Washington chapter, founded in the early 1960s, was the farthest north the fraternity ever reached.
    • That's the furthest north I've ever been, but I couldn't stay up there too long.
    • If St John's Wood is the furthest north he'll go, then we've no chance.
    • You pick those clones that stick to the probe, and analyze them to see which extends furthest in the direction you want to go.
    • He walks to the furthest point he reached yesterday, then begins, striding past the small, neat houses with their frosty lawns.
    • Bend your right knee and lean forward from your hips as you extend your left arm behind you and reach your right hand forward to touch the cone farthest to your left.
    • It was the furthest we had gone from our area and we got a really good reaction.
  • 3

    (to the greatest extent)
    más lejos
    this plan goes furthest towards solving the problem este plan es el que llega más lejos en la búsqueda de una solución al problema
    • that is the furthest I am prepared to go no estoy dispuesto a llegar más lejos
    • He maintains that Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan are already virtual states and that among major developed countries the United States has advanced the farthest.
    • Israel, Turkey, and the states of North Africa are furthest along this path.
    • They may have come back the farthest this season because it looked as if their careers might be over.
    • Of the three, Globe has come the farthest, with a revitalized main street, arts center, archaeological park, and some of the best Mexican food in the state.
    • Which of the fighters has come the farthest the fastest in attitude and technique?
    • Perhaps it was only a tactic, but it was the furthest a nationalist hand had ever reached out towards acceptance of the Six Counties as a political entity.
    • You have made it the farthest of any who have tried for the Amulets, let's see if you make this last test.
    • I currently have it all written into a notebook and it is the farthest I have ever gotten on an individual project, so I really think I'm going to make it to the very end of this without fizzling out.
    • He said that the furthest the courts had gone in the specific area of giving advice to employees in connection with their pension rights was in Scally itself which provided no support for the complainant's case.
    • In 1614 Bacon started to write a book about an imagined society that had reached the furthest imaginable point in the advancement of knowledge.
    • What is clear from her book is that southern towns and cities went furthest in the direction of a tax-supported professional patrol.
    • Such forms of cooperation commonly take place among the developed OECD countries but it is the members of the European Union that have gone farthest in that direction.