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futurista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfjutʃərəst//ˈfjuːtʃərɪst/


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    futurista masculino
    • Even the modernist aesthetic revolt of the Futurists against bourgeois traditionalism and bad taste served the interventionist cause by inventing a new style and symbolic expression for the radical nationalism of the streets.
    • According to him, the Communists revolutionised social content while the Futurists merely revolutionised artistic form.
    • But there is no reason to assume a logical link between the two, as Brecht, the Futurists and the Surrealists recognised.
    • Many futurists predict that people will soon be recording almost every waking moment in their lives.
    • While many futurists predicted that we'd be enjoying the paperless office around this time, Americans are still at the epicenter of a paper blizzard.
    • The Russian Futurists rejected Symbolism, which had been such a powerful force in the country's art, demanding a new and experimental attitude, and they welcomed the Revolution.
    • By contrast, the intuitive consciousness Boccioni and the Futurists associated with artistic creativity and the violence of the male revolutionary represented the elan vital as a fully operative agent of creative evolution.
    • There's any number of bad predictions that futurists, or would-be futurists have made over the decades.
    • Cass has made a career as an economic futurist, studying what changes in the economy, and, more importantly, what doesn't change.
    • And an almost identical declaration has been made in turn by the Symbolists, by Italian and Russian Futurists, by German Expressionists, and so on and on.
    • Here are jumbled together manifestos from the Bauhaus, Surrealism, Dada, the Suprematists and the Futurists.
    • This is something that was clearly present with the Dadaists, as with the Futurists, both Italian and Russian, around the time of the first world war, and it began to take new and very dynamic forms after the second war.
    • For a while there, I visited a bunch of our nation's futurists, hoping to learn something, and I came away wanting nothing more than to gather my rosebuds and live for the moment and carpe diem and just drink heavily.
    • A futurist is someone who uses various tools and strategies to analyze trends about the future.
    • What do tourists, nourishment, and futurists have in common?
    • You know, futurists tell us if we're alive in the year 2010, that our life expectancy's 125, OK?
    • References to Marcel Duchamp, Frederick Nietzche and the Italian Futurists are all woven into Hitlers' artistic ethos, even though he claims to be an anti-modernist.
    • The Futurists saw art as a weapon in a bitter struggle with the old.
    • Apart from a few speakers visiting college, the only futurists I've met have been on the same course as me, so I was interested to see what the rest of the field looked like.
    • He went on to say that he had not meant to imply that the named artists were Futurists, or had even endorsed the movement, but that he had named them as ‘advanced forces of English Art’.
    • Aesthetically, it recalls the jagged, fragmented abstract art of the Italian Futurists, Russia's Suprematists and Constructivists, and Vorticist Wyndham Lewis.
    • Right now, the market is hungry for Italian art from the Fifties and Sixties, as well as the Futurists and such evergreens as Mario Sironi and Morandi.
    • Typically the Futurists employed images of romanticism, the sacred and the military, to elevate drivers killed in accidents to the status of sacrifices on the altar of technology.
    • This technological revolution is so pervasive in our culture that many self-proclaimed experts and futurists are predicting a paperless society - and sooner rather than later.
    • And then the people responsible for running the existing business become threatened because everything the futurist is doing involves obsoleting what they do.
    • This is bread-and-butter stuff, a million miles from futurists whispering sweet nothings to a computer, but it's fast, reliable and a sight more relevant to the way we work today.
    • Beginning with performance art and Futurists, she discussed disruptive forums that appeal to a broad public, both anarchic and socially engaged, breaking down categories, bridging disciplines, open-ended and malleable acts.
    • He studied at the Brussels Academy from 1916, associating with the Belgian avant-garde - poets and painters - and admiring the Futurists and the Italian metaphysical painter Giorgio de Chirico.
    • And to get a slant on how to bring the big picture into focus, we turned to business futurists who have a knack for forecasting economic and technological trends.
    • He's not one of your crazy futurists - he won't dole out contraceptive medicine to anyone unmarried, say, and despite being an ob-gyn, he's a staunch pro-lifer.
    • He commissioned two master futurists to produce an analysis.
    • Accordingly, she gives what is now the near obligatory nod to Marcel Duchamp while omitting any discussion of those Dadaists or Futurists who had abandoned the studio and its craft as being central to artistic and cultural production.
    • The Italian Futurists aimed to free art from all its historical restraints and celebrate the new beauty of the modern age.
    • Hundreds of futurists, supposedly right up there on the cutting edge of everything, laughed at a word that is so ancient it made its way to that hotbed of street slang, the House of Commons, three years ago.
    • I'm a lousy futurist, so I'm loathe to make any big predictions.
    • The theme was clearly shared by many artists, among them the Futurists, Picabia (Duchamp's boon companion for a time) and the Delaunays.
    • Trendspotters, cool-hunters and professional futurists make a living identifying the hot new ideas that will eventually touch the rest of us.
    • Also noting the vulnerability of centralized systems, Dyson's son George, a maverick futurist, puts forward a radical revamping of the airline system.
    • Now, I know you'd be the first to distance yourself from the practice of astrology, but it seems that like astrology columns, no two futurists would necessarily agree on their predictions for the future.
    • The Futurists, the Surrealists, the abstract expressionists, all sought their passionate rhapsodies, of mechanization, or libido, or spontaneity.


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