Traducción de fuzzy en Español:


muy rizado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈfəzi//ˈfʌzi/

adjetivofuzzier, fuzziest

  • 1

    • 1.1(frizzy)

      (hair) muy rizado
      (hair) crespo
      (beard) enmarañado
      • After drying, and brushing, and pulling and brushing and drying some more, my hair was one huge, frizzy, fuzzy mop.
      • On Thursday, Little Emily named this little clown doll with fuzzy hot pink hair ‘baby Vee’.
      • Generally, urchins have longer spines; sand dollars have shorter spines which give them a fuzzy appearance.
      • The hefty construction and fuzzy texture of felt lets you create structured shapes without sacrificing softness.
      • These extraordinary dinner companions offer the textures and flavors of fuzzy peaches, margaritas, and blackberries.
      • The odorless leaves have a fuzzy texture, are without lobes, and turn a brilliant yellow in autumn.
      • As the large, loose clusters of tiny greenish flower blossoms fade, the flower stalks get longer and by midsummer are covered with fuzzy purple or pink hairs.
      • Its lance-shaped, slightly fuzzy, bright to dark green leaves are edged in bright white and are arranged alternately on the stems.
      • I had a closer look at these guys and the white appears to be like fuzzy hairs.
      • She wore a sweatshirt to protect her from the chill and cotton pajama pants with dark blue fuzzy slippers.
      • This was because of my fuzzy hair, not because of my amazing literary talent.
      • Although, she had to admit, those dark pink fuzzy boots that came up to her knees were kind of nice.
      • Once the fuzzy grey fungal growth appears on the foliage, causing it to discolour and rapidly deteriorate, the disease may then spread into the main body of the plant.
      • He curled up into a small, fuzzy ball and fell asleep.
      • By the looks of her fuzzy hair and her tired eyes, it appears as though Stephanie fell asleep in the hospital.
      • When boys reach puberty their fuzzy black hair is allowed to grow.
      • Look for seeds rotted in the soil that are soft and slimy to the touch or overgrown with other fungi and bacteria, giving the seed a fuzzy appearance.
      • The tiny child had large green eyes, a fuzzy patch of red-brown hair, and a healthy glow in her skin.
      • He's a huge man who's been a football marketers dream because of his trademark fuzzy black hair.
      • Be careful not to overtouch the curls or they may become fuzzy or frizzy.

    • 1.2(downy)

      (cheek/skin) velloso
      (cheek/skin) velludo

    • 1.3US (fluffy, furry)


  • 2

    (sound) confuso
    (outline/picture) borroso
    she's still feeling a bit fuzzy todavía se siente un poco confusa / atontada
    • If you want to do something specific, you do not want to rely on fuzzy and vague license language.
    • The element being used to flesh out this film to its original version is hampered by a fuzzy, indistinct print that has color and contrast issues.
    • Did the blurred lines, fuzzy details and vibrant colours of the great Impressionist painters represent a new philosophical and abstract interpretation of the world?
    • It's a fuzzy line; it's still an activity but it's much more integrated with our other activities.
    • But it was thin, like an old-time wireframe, and its edges were fuzzy and indistinct.
    • ‘If that was a line in the sand, it was certainly a fuzzy, wavy line in the sand,’ he scoffed.
    • The screen makes a fuzzy line between where the architecture ends and where the performance medium begins, giving this project great vitality.
    • The point is with getting the right slant on facts, such facts as we have, which are always incomplete and often indistinct and fuzzy.
    • The fuzzy notion of democracy was despised by scholars prior to the seventeenth century.
    • The field in front of her swam and became fuzzy and indistinct.
    • Neither picture turned out, both were fuzzy and dark; you could barely make out the lantern hovering behind us.
    • Well, we're all legitimate journalists today, and that's a line that's very fuzzy now.
    • Some shots sometimes appeared fuzzy, but overall the transfer is very good.
    • But the collision of an uptown venue with a downtown theme only pokes fun at the fuzzy lines now dividing these camps.
    • The footage is grainy, dark, and fuzzy, and it bounces around a lot.
    • There is a fuzzy line between contracting out for services from industry, and simply enlisting industry in the cause.
    • Vernacular psychology has it that emotions are irreducibly mysterious, too fuzzy and indistinct to analyse beyond a certain point.
    • Interior shots can be dark and fuzzy, murky; at times, definition is low.
    • It's a choice she knows many actresses would have shunned, blurring as it does the already fuzzy line between performance and porn.
    • These fuzzy notions were enough to make me theoretically opposed to the current rulers of Iran, but not informed enough to recommend an alternative.
  • 3

    • An adaptive fuzzy control system prioritizes files for broadcast delivery or acquisition.
    • Risk measurement with this fuzzy logic system produces an interval scale that enables some parametric analysis.
    • Although this may be the most obvious application area for fuzzy logic, it does require that the appropriate mode of action for a given situation be known.
    • It's not so far out of the feasibility ballpark to suggest that advances in fuzzy logic and neural networks will create stunning possibilities alongside the leaps in processing power.
    • Process monitoring is performed by a controller that uses fuzzy logic and neural network technology.