Traducción de gait en Español:


modo de andar, n.

Pronunciación /ɡeɪt//ɡeɪt/


  • 1

    modo de andar masculino
    she had a curious gait tenía un modo de andar curioso
    • he walked with an unsteady gait caminaba con paso vacilante
    • Only last week a young man was sentenced to a year in jail for being part of a 30-strong gang that humiliated and assaulted a man with Parkinson's disease whose only provocation to them had been to walk with a strange gait.
    • I slowed my gait to a walk, and then held still to listen.
    • He walks with the rolling gait of a sailor, feeling the floor for a moment with each foot before setting it down.
    • He crouched as he walked, and his gait was slow and measured.
    • This condition causes the child to walk with a toe-in gait.
    • He walks with a shuffling gait, almost as if he is refusing to lift his feet and take real steps for fear that the ground will disappear once he lifts his feet from it.
    • To get a toehold on the Laetoli problem, the researchers first compared the gaits of modern humans walking on sand with two sets of the fossil tracks.
    • He studied the gait of those who walk barefoot over long distances on uneven surfaces - like the Masai people of East Africa - and found they rarely suffered from back or joint problems.
    • He walks with an awkward gait, his right leg turned out from birth, and he is sharp and selfish and snorts; a bachelor alumni of the finishing school for quiet men.
    • One afternoon I was sorting out the petty cash when I heard the unmistakeable sound of her intimidating gait as she walked menacingly towards my desk.
    • When the explosions intrude upon him and force him to stop, he walks away with an easy gait, and takes the time to make the acquaintance of a woman who catches his eye before heading home to his worried family.
    • I got up in no hurry, brushed my teeth without haste, took the routine morning exercise lentissimo and walked at a leisurely gait.
    • They remembered his gait, his manner of speaking and what he was wearing.
    • He dressed smartly and tended to walk with an odd gait.
    • This distinguishes walking from faster gaits in which ground contact is absent for brief periods.
    • With a cautious gait, they slowly walked as one to the lift.
    • It is never quiet, and cool guys and gals walk with an energetic gait while window-shopping, relaxed in casual dress, some of them even walking barefoot.
    • As I paid out I watched him come in, walking with the rolling gait of a sailor on a pitching deck.
    • An axle attaches the front of the frame to the foundation, and the resulting pivot allows you to lift your heel and walk with the shuffling gait of a backcountry skier.
    • They may walk with an unsteady gait with feet far apart, and they have difficulty with motions that require precise coordination, such as writing.