Traducción de gallop en Español:


galope, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡæləp//ˈɡaləp/


  • 1

    galope masculino
    to break into a gallop echarse a galopar
    • at a gallop al galope
    • at full gallop a galope tendido
    • the long gallop exhausted the horse la larga galopada agotó al caballo
    • we went for a gallop salimos a galopar
    • we ate our meal at a gallop comimos al galope / a todo galope
    • Regular practice makes them so skilful that they can control their horses at a full gallop, even on a steep slope.
    • He kept making him go faster until we were at a full gallop.
    • He will, however, appreciate tomorrow's return to a distance just short of eight furlongs and will surely get a furious gallop, which seems to suit him.
    • She kicked her horse into a full gallop and broke away from them, who, after only a moment's hesitation, turned and fled in the opposite direction.
    • He rode his horse at a full gallop across the countryside, taking in the fresh, cold air.
    • Knights ride their horses at full gallop and are almost all successful at driving a spear through a 3-inch ring.
    • His approach was as a cavalry charge - from walk to canter to full gallop, yelling out arrest commands in English.
    • He booted Sal in the ribs and the horse leaped into a full gallop.
    • One need only watch a rodeo or horse race to see how quickly a horse can go from standing still to a full gallop.
    • Looking over my shoulder I could see him coming at a full gallop.
    • With new resolve, Katherine started the horse to the right, and was about to urge it into a full gallop when something caught her eye.
    • His gun bellowed in his hand and the horses jumped to a gallop.
    • The mare at once sprang into the devouring gallop of a horse giving it her all.
    • She manages to turn the horse in the direction of the house, then spurs it into a full gallop.
    • She urged the horse into a full gallop, wanting to get there as quickly as possible.
    • The instant the reins were passed, the horse bolted to a full gallop flying down the dirt road.
    • Some of the men broke ranks in a furious gallop to the river where they gulped water in joyous abandon.
    • Alexander wondered how it was even possible to strike a target from the back of a horse at full gallop while wielding the crossbow with one hand.
    • At the foot of a slope our horses were urged into a full gallop, jumping over rocks until we got to the cattle.
    • The large horse was full of energy as he charged down the dirt road at a full gallop.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (rider/horse) galopar
    we galloped across the field cruzamos el campo al galope
    • He saw a great expanse of lush green meadow, where wild ponies galloped free and careless in its serenity.
    • The train was moving relatively slowly, and the horses were soon galloping on our side.
    • Cole looks at her as his horse gallops past, but does not stop.
    • I did have a great experience earlier on the Isle of Skye, stopped to feed a horse on the way back to where I was staying and ended up running up and down the road with the horse galloping alongside me, keeping pace.
    • A horse swiftly galloped past the small slim girl gathering fruits along the path.
    • If a horse is galloping at speed, totally out of control and not responding to the rider's commands, the situation can be life threatening.
    • He could hear the horse galloping off before even the bang of the door slam faded out.
    • Her horse galloped up to the shore of the pool and along the grove of trees.
    • From the valley comes a drumbeat of hooves as a tall horse gallops through the dusk shadows, bare but for a slim, young boy.
    • Then, with a shake of the reins, the horse galloped ahead and disappeared into the mist.
    • The horse gallops at a consistent pace and John increases the speed as he sees Isabelle hovering by the stable door.
    • The clopping of hooves could be heard faintly over the wind as a band of riders on black stallions came galloping along side of us.
    • The best adrenaline rush I've ever had was when I went on a two-day trek through Belize in Central America and my horse went galloping out of control in the jungle.
    • The horse gallops along, seemingly oblivious to its slipping rider.
    • With 35 horses galloping in a straight line over nine furlongs this famous cavalry charge is a thrilling race, made even more exciting by the hope of backing the winner.
    • Suddenly a brown haired stallion came galloping out of the brush.
    • Before I knew it, my horse was galloping in the sand.
    • He had a great liking for horses and he could often be observed on a summer's evening, watching his beautiful mares and foals gallop along the Banks.
    • The horses galloped at an astonishing pace, racing for the edge of the forest, through the Hollow Mists of Leba, desperate to escape.
    • A herd of wild horses galloped across the pampas, tossing their heads in a display of wild exuberance, against a backdrop of snow covered mountains.
  • 2

    we galloped through the prayers rezamos las oraciones a toda velocidad
    • public spending is galloping out of control el gasto público se está disparando / desbocando

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (horse) hacer galopar a
    • He has been a trainer for 53 years and occasionally still gallops the horses in his care.
    • One of my friends, Henry, who gallops horses at Laurel took me to the backside.
    • I do a lot of jogging with him for three or four days after he breezes and then start galloping him because he does work so fast.
    • He galloped horses Tuesday at Calder Race Course and on Wednesday was at Belmont Park to breeze horses for trainers.
    • A minute later, two braves rode off, galloping their horses to the west.
    • He'd never known him to gallop his horse, then leave it standing without cooling him down gently first.
    • He galloped his horse to the north, followed by his henchmen and Wong's group.
    • It caught on fire and we galloped our horses to the woods, and then heard a huge explosion, followed by the sight of orange flames.
    • Saumell, who is in his 70s, rode his last winner in 1978 and still galloped horses until three years ago.
    • The game continued at an enthusiastic pace with the men throwing themselves wholeheartedly into competition with as much spirit as they showed for galloping their horses.
    • During Cowboy Mounted Shooting, cowboys and cowgirls galloping horses shoot balloons with blanks.
    • He walks and feeds him, and even gallops him.
    • To gallop the horse now would be stupid because they were both cold and tired and stiff from their injuries.
    • He also spent five years galloping horses for Racing Hall of Fame trainers.
    • O'Brien was galloping his horses up a really steep hill at his brother's farm when the master trainers in England had theirs out for a stroll.
    • ‘Then don't misuse it,’ she said, and turned and galloped the horse back towards the army.
    • Alas, the wish list also contains somewhat less thrilling aspirations such as - I kid you not - riding a roller-coaster, galloping a horse across a beach and wondering at a waterfall.
    • The girl - who didn't wear a pair of shoes until she was eight - would rise at dawn and gallop her horse over the misty hills at the very start of the day.
    • I had to gallop a white Spanish horse across the battlefield toward New Zealand's white snow-capped mountains.
    • The win was the first of the year for the trainer, who owns and trains the three horses in his stable and, at 71, also gallops them.