Traducción de gallows en Español:


horca, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡaləʊz//ˈɡæloʊz/


  • 1

    horca femenino
    he was sent / sentenced to the gallows lo condenaron a la horca
    • He was never likely to denounce the Downing Street snake-pit and order its inmates to the gallows.
    • He staked everything on his ability to convince a judge to sentence the pair to life imprisonment and save them from the gallows.
    • His evidence at the war trials saved him from the gallows.
    • But even if he saves her from the gallows she will still have a lengthy prison term before her.
    • The young man once saved an Aboriginal fairground attendant from the gallows.
    • Fourteen were killed, but subsequent trials led to transportation to Tasmania, not the gallows.
    • Does she remember that you once went back to 1795 to save her from the gallows?
    • No one can be safe for long from people who have no respect for human rights and think nothing of killing innocent people or sending them to prison or to the gallows in their lust for power.
    • He found it remarkable that such a statement could be a credible account of his words, and began moving heaven and earth to save him from the gallows.
    • Thus, they could avoid fines, whippings, imprisonment, or worse, the gallows!
    • Acquitting a woman on ground of insanity may have saved her from the gallows, or a lengthy prison term, but it also stripped her crime of meaning.
    • If a woman miscarried, went into labor early, or had trouble hiring a midwife, she could be sent to the gallows.
    • He will either face the gallows or a long-term detention.
    • Appeals to save such brave but desperate men from the gallows occasionally struck a chord with the wealthy and patriotic.
    • He talks freely and very colourfully about facing the gallows, his life in jail and the fortunate turn of events that enabled him to transform his life.
    • When it plays the good guy and saves people from the gallows it is seen as colonial.
    • For this ‘crime,’ which no one understands but Selma and the audience, American justice will sentence her to the gallows.
    • It grew from the humane desire of judges to alleviate the severity of the law in an age when many crimes were still classified as felonies, for which the punishment was death by the gallows.
    • In 1975 the British government ruled that only certain types of crime were punishable by the gallows.
    • Bessie felt like a prisoner awaiting the gallows.