Traducción de gap en Español:


espacio, n.

Pronunciación /ɡæp//ɡap/


  • 1

    espacio masculino
    leave a gap between the desks deja un espacio entre los escritorios
    • leave a generous gap between the bulbs deje bastante espacio entre los bulbos
    • look out for a gap in the traffic espera a que no pase nada
    • the light filtered in through a gap la luz se filtraba por una rendija
    • a gap in the hedge un claro / un hueco en el seto
    • she has a gap between her front teeth tiene los dientes de adelante separados
    • There should not be any holes or gaps at the bottom of the fence or around the gate.
    • We ended up with scaffolds built from these approaches that only had small holes where the gaps were.
    • In the distance where the land dips away, neighbouring fields are surrounded by scrubby hedges with large gaps.
    • But in my rush I could not find a gap in the hedge to get through to the main road.
    • These holes, and the gaps left by her quickly vanishing superstructure allowed easy and safe access for divers.
    • An officer patrolling the Murton area in the early hours of today noticed a large gap in the hedge on Moor Lane and investigated.
    • Once we got there, we crept through the small gap in the overgrown hedges that served as the entranceway.
    • However, there were gaps around the curtain where you could see inside.
    • After the molding is put up, use wood putty to fill visible nail holes and small gaps for a seamless look.
    • Last summer when the park shut at 8pm, teenagers would sneak through a gap in the hedge and congregate in groups.
    • Shafts of light danced in through gaps between the planks.
    • Radon from the ground gets into buildings mainly through cracks in floors or gaps around pipes or cables.
    • The metal work done on the aft booms was of poor quality, with putty applied in an attempt to cover over gaps around screw holes.
    • Select a tree that is uniformly shaped on all sides without gaps or holes where branches are broken or missing.
    • A lack of legs helps them fit into tight gaps and crevices and down narrow holes.
    • Yesterday we plugged the gap in the hedge with two new buddleia plants.
    • The gaps in the cotoneaster hedge were plugged with holly and box.
    • So after all my regular warnings about the right way to clip hedges, you find yourself with a hedge that has gaps all along its base.
    • The rain entered the building through literally hundreds of ducts, gaps, cracks, crevices and half-open windows and vents.
    • He watches carefully where he treads so as to avoid some of the bigger holes and gaps between the half-rotten floorboards.
  • 2

    • 2.1(in argument, knowledge)

      laguna femenino
      • Some processors are working with third parties to identify gaps in their security situation.
      • Like Patricia, they want to fill in the missing gaps, the apparent holes and spaces in the very surface of the text.
      • However, work would need to be undertaken with the organisations to ensure a full review of the situation identifies any gaps or overlaps in the current system.
      • These seem to fill in the gaps between the different excerpts that make up most of the book.
      • This gap is the difference between a firm's present distribution system and the potential for it to be increased.
      • It simply made no difference because the gap between reality and policy is irreconcilable.
      • Someday we'll have the will again to tackle all the other gaps that divide us.
      • There is a huge gap between rich and poor countries across a range of health measures.
      • A biography would bore her, she says, preferring to fill in the gaps left by earlier writers and to give them a fresh, contemporary perspective.
      • The next government must close the gaps between different strands of support services.
      • The work of COMGAS is diverse and eclectic, connected by a desire to explore the gaps and spaces in the fabric of cultural production.
      • They describe some gaps in the literature and provide some suggestions for future research.
      • This will then leave a major gap in the trained, professional sector in years to come.
      • Nonetheless, this book nicely fills some gaps in the literature on Southern slavery.
      • A wide gap exists between the majority of the government and the wishes of the people.
      • Our children will never have equal opportunity unless, once and for all, we close the ever-widening achievement gap.
      • But his chances of bridging the gap with only five racing days to go are virtually non-existent.
      • How many times over the years has the music industry played up records bridging the gap between jazz and hip hop?
      • The festival in June aims to bridge the gap between different periods and traditions.
      • Faculty losses have left gaps in the geography department.
      • However a lapse of almost two years since the last scheme has left a gap in continuity.
      • When considering social issues in particular judges must not substitute their own views to fill gaps.
      • So, unfortunately, we have a huge gap in our knowledge.
      • The gap in the current literature exists when we consider race and gender.
      • Equality campaigners believe the move is a major step forward in trying to close the gender pay gap.
      • In all of the eight categories massive price gaps or quote differentials existed.
      • A widening gender pay gap is created and overall, working mothers' employment potential becomes limited.
      • For example, when a nurse cares for two or more patients and must divide attention between them there is a potential for gaps in the continuity of care.
      • If there is such a collective acceptance of holes and gaps in the theory of evolution then why is there such loyalty to only the one idea.
      • We also confronted the challenges and exerted our utmost efforts to bridge the various gaps and differences existing in the region.
      • Bridging the gap between paper and the network - this is the most important new technology for a decade.
      • In one cut, the film leaps across great gaps in time and space - only a press kit could tell me what was supposed to have happened.
      • Employers are ditching company schemes, yet no-one seems to be bridging the gap with private savings.
      • What struck him while interviewing him were the gaps in his life story.
      • Fortunately, there are players out there who are bridging the gap between art and entertainment.
      • He said the Government had an historic opportunity to close the growing income gap in Ireland.
      • If closing the gap between different income brackets is the name of the game, let it be across the board.
      • As a result, salary gaps between different sports and between individual players can be quite large.
      • Career gaps are no longer viewed with suspicion and they can actually enhance your prospects, she writes.
      • Critical gaps extracted from different reference-line scenarios were also examined.

    • 2.2(in time)

      intervalo masculino
      interrupción femenino
      in the gaps between mouthfuls entre bocado y bocado

    • 2.3(disparity)

      distancia femenino
      brecha femenino

    • 2.4(void)

      vacío masculino
      her death left a terrible gap in my life su muerte dejó un terrible vacío en mi vida

  • 3spark gap

    Automóviles Electricidad
    separación entre los electrodos femenino