Traducción de gap-toothed en Español:


Pronunciación ///ˈɡæp ˈˌtuθt/


  • 1

    (with gaps between teeth) que tiene los dientes separados
    (with missing teeth) desdentado
    (with missing teeth) a quien le faltan dientes
    • Police are hunting a gap-toothed man and a woman with acne who stole from three shops in an afternoon.
    • The one with the freckles and the gap-toothed grin.
    • ‘I'm totally surprised,’ he says, allowing himself a wide, gap-toothed smile.
    • It is a far cry from the gap-toothed, giddy, baby smile he wore as an infant, or the giggly grin that he wore as a toddler.
    • She is a crisply elegant young woman with an engaging gap-toothed smile, and she looks oddly like a proud parent, which, in a way, she is.
    • He was arguing that regulators try to create the illusion of an equal playing field on Wall Street, though in reality, the little guy is always doomed to let some gap-toothed simpleton call the shots with his retirement money.
    • Sometimes a gap-toothed old-timer comes to her door and screams for some peace.
    • Grimy, gap-toothed men on donkey carts scavenge the rusting military trucks.
    • If you're up late enough to catch his Late Show, you'll have to give props to the gap-toothed one for the ties he matches with his suits.
    • ‘This is a big surprise,’ he says, standing in the doorway with a gap-toothed grin.
    • She weaves her voice in and out of the song, occasionally distracted by a gap-toothed fan waving at her furiously from the crowd.
    • I might be the gawky gap-toothed kid who's not cool like everyone else at school, but as long as I like myself I'll be fine.
    • With a gap-toothed smile, he says he regards the company as the dance equivalent of vitamins.
    • Give him a drum or xylophone to play with and his face lights up with a beaming, gap-toothed grin.
    • For now though, the smiling gap-toothed general is keeping his cards close to his chest, leaving the rest of the field guessing whether he'll once again seek the country's highest office.
    • In the meantime, we keep in touch through the gadgets that have shrunk the world so much that I can see my niece's gap-toothed grin from 11,000 miles away, within hours of her teeth being kissed out.
    • He talks in that old familiar manner of his, all easy charm and trademark gap-toothed smile.
    • With trademark good-natured stoicism, he flashed a gap-toothed grin, drank a can of Coke, and played bass with a red string around his wrist, a gift from some Tibetan friends who've been chanting for his recovery.
    • He was one of the few artists to impress the ordinarily vicious panel of judges, and the only criticism the toughest of them could find was with the Norwegian's tousled, gap-toothed appearance.
    • The seven year old waved warmly, offering a gap-toothed smile to which I couldn't help but to return in kind.