Traducción de garage sale en Español:

garage sale


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    venta de objetos usados en casa de su propietario
    venta de garage femenino México
    feria americana femenino Río de la Plata
    ventuta femenino Colombia
    • Last weekend, the committee held a garage sale in a vacant lot next to the Dutch Cup Restaurant to raise funds for next year's celebrations.
    • For the following week, the pre-teen devoted himself to dreaming and planning what he could buy for the $55 he had earned from the garage sale.
    • The next time you see this title at a garage sale, flea market, or pawn shop, it's well worth the cash you'd have to put out for it.
    • We were supposed to have a garage sale tomorrow, but I've managed to offload so much of our stuff to friends and people at work that there's not enough left to have one.
    • People are also being encouraged to have a garage sale of any unwanted gifts and belongings on the same day and donate the proceeds.
    • The last time I'd been at my Grandma's house, she had a garage sale.
    • My dad stayed home all day selling items that we wouldn't be needing in California on eBay and at a little garage sale in the front yard.
    • This is not the same as going to a garage sale or some of your local swap meets.
    • It spurred talk of a neighborhood watch, a farmer's market and a communitywide garage sale.
    • Moving house is often the time for a garage sale, a clean out.
    • At the age of six, Mark wheedled a $15 drum set out of his parents from a garage sale.
    • I'm even somewhat excited about my garage sale as a lot of our family and friends will be stopping by.
    • We find Lauren perched on a chair, her eyes glued to the tiny TV Mom picked up at a garage sale.
    • He knows one collector who bought a black and white Sputnik television at a garage sale for $20.
    • My sister had a garage sale this weekend and I took it as an opportunity to rid my closets of clutter.
    • Victoria day weekend might not be the best time to have a garage sale, especially if everyone is houseboating in the Shuswap.
    • The rest of the ‘treasures’ that could be of use are now sitting at my church, donated for my church garage sale next month.
    • I'm not having a garage sale so that I can just give away all this stuff.
    • I participated in a garage sale with some friends over the weekend.
    • Don't even bother selling it in a garage sale, because you are then wishing it upon someone else who will actually wear it.