Traducción de garden-variety en Español:


de jardín, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɑrdn vəˈraɪədi//ˈɡɑːd(ə)nvərˌʌɪəti/


  • 1

    (found in gardens)
    de jardín
  • 2EEUU

    (ordinary, undistinguished)
    (normal y) corriente
    común y corriente
    común y silvestre América Latina
    • This is a garden-variety malapropism, substituting compulsion for the similar-sounding word compunction, though the meanings are radically different.
    • He fires back with a few choice expletives and some more unimaginative garden-variety trash talk.
    • Considering that an armed sitting duck was better off than the plain old garden-variety sitting duck, he parlayed a Ruger.30 Blackhawk to add to his utility belt.
    • These last three paragraphs will get you by the usual, garden-variety botany mid-term.
    • If I had to pick the most common source of frustration for skeptics, I'd have to choose plain old garden-variety ignorance.
    • Combine the lack of medical supervision with the mind-set of the garden-variety steroid user, and you have a potentially perilous situation.
    • Whether apoptosis turns out to be a feature of garden-variety human emphysema awaits much further study, but these initial observations are provocative.
    • An ordinary, garden-variety flu bug can kill thousands of people in a year, especially young children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems like cancer patients or organ donor recipients.
    • What we're seeing in the '00s is a garden-variety spending spree.
    • But this room, located in an office complex in Santa Monica, California, nowhere near the beach, is no benign, garden-variety data center.
    • Federal investigations of members of congress are always a sensitive matter, even when the allegations involve garden-variety criminality.
    • The freshly made dumplings costing NT $50 per bowl are as far removed in both appearance and flavor from the common, or garden-variety, as is possible.
    • Anti Vampire Club membership ranges from pirates to hermitic recluses to your common garden-variety psychopath.
    • I pulled into a nearby car wash and told the attendant to fill it with Super Unleaded and to give me the plain, garden-variety, no-frills, no Spraywax or ArmorAll wash.
    • I bleached the purple stripes out of my bangs and became a garden-variety L' Oreal girl.
    • Your garden-variety member of the corporate world is well-rehearsed at this game, but I, frankly, am not.
    • This is a splendid collection of totem poles, though scattered among them are a few common garden-variety gravestones.
    • It merely retrieves information associated with a person, address, or vehicle, like any garden-variety database query.
    • This wasn't just your garden-variety assignment, and my students gleaned quite a bit about shape, form, color, sensation of texture, and sculpture principles.
    • He became famous in the late 60's and early 70's as a leader of the American Indian Movement, which was a garden-variety leftist organization of that era.