Traducción de garden party en Español:

garden party

recepción al aire libre, n.


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    recepción al aire libre femenino
    • The event starts on Monday with a garden party which will see free guided-walks around the historic house and gardens.
    • The couple, who are retired florists and market gardeners, use the greenhouse to grow plants for an annual garden party to raise money for a donkey sanctuary in Devon.
    • Colonies of feral cats are being cared for thanks to events like a Benfleet garden party tomorrow.
    • The garden party was one of three themed events chosen by the Queen to be part of her Golden Jubilee celebrations.
    • She will also host a garden party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse to celebrate the opening.
    • At the close of the 75-minute service, the prince donned his sunglasses and walked with his sisters to the nearby palace for a garden party.
    • A mystery nominee put the charity fundraising group forward for the garden party, but only two tickets were available.
    • I was amazed to discover what a long history a royal garden party at Buckingham Palace enjoys: one somehow imagines them as symbolic of our current monarchy.
    • Sometimes there are engagements in the afternoon when the Queen travels to a nearby event or, in summer, hosts a garden party in the Palace grounds.
    • The family decided Borovets was the most suitable place for a garden party in the event of good weather as well as for the 400 guest indoor reception.
    • The royal couple later hosted a garden party with 2,000 guests at Museum Gardens.
    • On July 9 some 70 members attended the summer garden party.
    • The garden party was a unique event with delightful cuisine, a rare plant sale for gardening enthusiasts and an art auction.
    • He is a lavatory attendant in 1950s Manhattan who borrows a Princeton jacket to play piano at a garden party.
    • The garden party was the main family attraction of the two-week spree with around 1,000 visitors coming and going throughout the day.
    • When I think of yellow I always think of a pretty garden party.
    • The garden party, which last year raised over £22,000 for hospice funds, will once again feature a packed programme of activities.
    • In August we had a garden party in a members house which proved very successful and the money raised boosted our funds.
    • The royal garden party at Buckingham Palace is on July 14.
    • Vague plans are being drawn up for a garden party at the Craigmillar Festivals Society, but this is mostly for the ‘older folk’.