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garlic bread


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    pan con mantequilla y ajo masculino
    • For a start we were served with arguably the best garlic bread we have tasted in years.
    • I made rosemary and garlic bread with fresh rosemary from the garden.
    • Having made your selection then go back to the salad bar which has seasonal vegetables, freshly baked bread with butter and garlic bread.
    • So while chips and garlic bread will be rationed to twice a week in Scottish schools, pupils will be enticed into dining halls which broadcast Sky television.
    • While bread will be available every day, fatty garlic bread will be limited to twice a week.
    • After our salads, we were brought plates of pasta with intricate seasonings and pieces of garlic bread on the side.
    • My wife chose a more traditional plate of garlic bread with tomato, which was a very reasonable £2.20 and cooked to perfection.
    • Spread on bread and toast for garlic bread, or use in recipes.
    • It was served on a bed of penne pasta combined with a tomato and basil sauce, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and accompanied by garlic bread.
    • Steve had made spaghetti bolognese with meatballs, three different types of salad, garlic bread and plain old bread rolls.
    • For starters, there were stonebaked garlic bread, bruschetta and tomato and mozzarella salad, at around the £3.50 mark.
    • If you're having people to tea and want this to fill 4 people, use all the dough and serve it with some garlic bread.
    • I am proud of my first attempt at real Italian cooking for the simple reason that it did not involve opening jars of ready-made sauce and popping garlic bread in the oven.
    • The garlic bread was good too, though the side salad was another of the limp, disappointing offerings Lili had pushed aside with her starter.
    • Top with fresh parsley and thyme, and serve with garlic bread.
    • For a starter, we ordered one portion of garlic bread which was more than enough to share.
    • If we have parties now, the food served is more substantial than a partially defrosted hunk of garlic bread.
    • While you are waiting, a hot loaf of garlic bread and individual butter pats is supplied as well.
    • Adding lemon to the usual garlic bread transports it to a new gastro-level; this and a generous use of herbs and butter, will make the best garlic bread under the sun.
    • He, in true Italian style, chooses the spaghetti bolognaise with complimentary garlic bread.