Traducción de garnish en Español:


adornar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɑːnɪʃ//ˈɡɑrnɪʃ/

verbo transitivo

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    the fish comes garnished with parsley/cucumber slices el pescado viene decorado con perejil/viene con una guarnición de rodajas de pepino
    • During the winter months the tradition is to garnish the dish with mint leaves and in the summer time with green coriander leaves.
    • In England we would skip the paprika and garnish the sandwich with ‘mustard and cress’ which is impossible to buy in America.
    • For individual pizzas, place an olive in the center of each; or garnish the large pizza with 4 olives.
    • Both sandwiches were delicately garnished with tomato, cucumber, onion and leaves and at £1.50 were excellent value.
    • In the pastry kitchen, I carefully brushed at least a thousand leaves and flower petals with egg white and rolled them in sugar to garnish various dessert plates.
    • My potatoes were garnished with garlic and dill.
    • Separate a few pretty florets for use in garnishing the soup dishes.
    • Don't forget to garnish dishes with edible flowers for an unusual and colourful touch.
    • Every dish was garnished with sweet roasted tomatoes.
    • Dishes are often garnished with eggs, cooked into a thin omelette and then rolled, before being sliced into strips.
    • Instead, garnish food with one tablespoon of chopped nuts per person.
    • A sunburst of bananas is garnished with marigolds.
    • The dish was garnished with a pretty swirl of slim cucumber slices, which added to the wonderful contrast of textures and flavours.
    • Flowers and buds of mature shoots can garnish salads.
    • Even younger are garlic shoots, which can be used similarly to chives or spring onions for garnishing salads or adding to stir-fries.
    • If you think it might be a while before you start garnishing your food with seaweed or extra salt, supplements may be the answer.
    • English South Africans like to garnish their food with chutney (pickled relish).
    • Thick bracelets of sweet-and-sour sautéed Spanish onion garnish the meat.
    • Top zesty dishes with a few tablespoons of minced fresh parsley or garnish dessert with a few sprigs of fresh mint.
    • The wealthy would garnish their cakes with meat, such as pork and beef.


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    adorno masculino
    aderezo masculino
    (more substantial) guarnición femenino
    with a garnish of fresh vegetables con una guarnición de verduras frescas
    • They are used mainly in the cooking of C. and N. Europe, and are at their best in mild, creamy sauces and egg dishes, or as a garnish for soups and salads.
    • Different types of green herbs, including coriander, parsley, dill, and spring onions, are served during meals both as a garnish and as salad.
    • Sprigs of herbs make attractive garnishes for food platters (edible flower garnishes are perfect for dessert trays).
    • However, if you enjoy the taste of herbs as a garnish to your food, why not enjoy their refreshing and health-giving properties in refreshing summer drinks.
    • Common chives have onion-flavored leaves and edible purple flowers that make pretty garnishes in salads.
    • The rounded leaves also make an attractive garnish.
    • Add lightly cooked peas at the end and top with some fried crispy browned onions for a classic garnish.
    • The Bloody Mary has been called a meal in a glass, and like few other mixed drinks, its main ingredients - tomato juice, one or more vegetable garnishes - are foods, which rarely mix with other concoctions.
    • On the second channel a celebrity chef added the finishing garnish to a savoury dish.
    • Try these delicious Best Bites as a colorful garnish on salads or soups.
    • She also liked that the tomatoes were skinned; although I cynically said it was because of the romantic decorative rose shaped tomato skin presented to us as a garnish on our main courses.
    • You can go to a restaurant and pay top dollar, but all you will get is top-dollar street food: tacos with garnishes; quesadillas adorned with sprigs of parsley.
    • Peel the onion for the garnish and cut into paper-thin slices, separate the rings and set in a small bowl of iced water, cover and refrigerate.
    • Peppermint can overwhelm more subtle flavors, but the leaves make a tasty garnish for desserts like chocolate mousse.
    • I didn't quite know what to expect of cinnamon oranges, but the garnish of fresh orange slices tasted pleasantly of cinnamon.
    • Ann had a jacket potato and baked beans with a salad garnish and coleslaw.
    • The garnish is a banana leaf holding an anise-flavored blend of tomatillo-seeded sauce.
    • The first series were full of elaborate, post-nouvelle cuisine dishes - black hexagonal plates, kiwi fruit garnishes, elaborate vegetable combinations, home-made biscuits and endless other little fiddly bits.
    • If you have the willpower not to eat the gribnes all at once, you can store it in a jar, and use it as a garnish for soups, potatoes, or any other food that might benefit from savoury crispness.
    • The garnish of roasted figs added a fitting flourish to a dish I'd choose if I ever find myself in Sands again.