Traducción de garter stitch en Español:

garter stitch

punto Santa Clara, n.


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    punto Santa Clara masculino
    knit 5cm of garter stitch teja 5cm todo al derecho / en punto Santa Clara
    • This Mohair Mystery was knit in garter stitch on size 17 needles with a decorative drop-stitch edge pattern.
    • It is the first time I knit sleeves (remember, I'm the queen of the sleeveless top) and I think they turned out a tiny bit too long, but no worries, since they're done on garter stitch I can just turn the cuff around.
    • The garter stitch will prevent the edge from rolling.
    • We had a magical afternoon together and spent the rest of that summer mastering the garter stitch.
    • What I really like is the garter stitch edging for the button band.
    • If you don't know how to knit yourself, you can learn the garter stitch and be well on your way to knitting your first scarf in less than an hour.
    • I'm thinking that my square will be a simple garter stitch with the word ‘love’ in stockinette.
    • Increasing every 6th and 4th row makes a lot of sense and here's why: The sleeve stitch pattern is a 10 row pattern, comprising of 2 rows to form garter stitch, 1 row to form the eyelets, 3 rows garter stitch and 4 rows stocking stitch.