Traducción de gaudy en Español:


chillón, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɔdi//ˈɡɔːdi/


  • 1

    (paintwork/clothes) chillón
    (paintwork/clothes) charro América Latina coloquial
    (spectacle/scene) chabacano
    her dress was a gaudy pink su vestido era de un rosa chillón
    • It was a strip of gaudy landscaping in front of a strip mall in glaring bright daylight.
    • There were days when one was wearing heavy, gaudy clothing, which was invariably a pain to be endured considering the gathering one would be amongst.
    • Their song is not overly musical but has a comforting, undemonstrative British garden nature, not gaudy or showy in any way.
    • Her dress was often very gaudy, with bright colors, and a sense of fashion that followed too closely behind fads.
    • But they don't moan, because it's not that big a deal; they simply don their gaudy rags and their dancing shoes and get on with it.
    • Up to eighteen inches long, these gaudy fish have large plumes and fleshy flaps on their head that mimic colourful reef growth.
    • Its more modern decor can be classified as quite gaudy.
    • Is this an authentic moment of historic liberation for Europe, or just another imperial imperative dressed up in the gaudy rags of consumerism?
    • At night it is gaudy with Japanese lanterns and Mexican music.
    • He wore his guilt like a piece of gaudy jewelry, bright and flashy and probably fake.
    • There were a few people, however, who had on very gaudy, expensive clothing of bright colors.
    • Some clowns prefer to wear bright and gaudy makeup, while others have a fondness for ludicrous masks.
    • Who knew dated music, predictable gags, audience participation, gaudy costumes and blinding colours could be this much fun?
    • And that's what it's all about, remember: putting the brakes on gaudy consumerism.
    • The gem's usual glow and hum was dead, and it looked to be nothing more than a piece of old, tasteless, gaudy jewelry.
    • A wife is showing the husband this bathing suit, and he makes a comment about it being gaudy and not liking it.
    • My family members give me gifts of tacky, gaudy trinkets that I have no use for.
    • Perhaps through such long experience, the hotel somehow manages to both reek of exclusivity and wealth while dodging gaudy ostentation.
    • It wouldn't surprise me to find that he's wearing mismatched, gaudy socks.
    • He'll flirt with gaudy science-fiction spectacles and then, at the last moment, back away.