Traducción de gauze en Español:


gasa, n.

Pronunciación /ɡɔːz//ɡɔz/


  • 1

    gasa femenino
    • It was a bluey-white colour, caused by the white gauze over light blue fabric.
    • The designer has created a collection of black and white, with several silvery flashes which aim at pampering the female silhouette; elegant and sensual woman, softly enveloped in gauzes, silks and leather.
    • For the evening, there was a long slinky black dress made of transparent gauze with dark tiger stripes cutting across it.
    • I'm gently unwrapping the chrysalis of gauze surrounding a hand-painted silk evening dress as delicate as a butterfly's wings.
    • Deep necklines and minis take centrestage along with transparencies in gauze, knit or crochet, which add to the appealing look.
    • Women cover their clothes with the traditional black cloak, which goes over the head, and wear a veil of thin black gauze over the face.
    • There's unfortunately nothing you can do about this, but you can stabilize the damaged areas by sewing a bit of cotton gauze to the underside with silk thread.
    • Try muslin or gauze, which ensure privacy without depriving a room of light.
    • She lay on a four-poster bed with a canopy of shimmering gauze and silk.
    • I have created a lot of beautiful windows with cotton bubble gauze.
    • The presentation ended with a sea of white, starting with a sexy silk gauze ribbon-slashed gown.
    • In their methods and approach, they use a range of materials that includes sand, printed fabric, mud, gauze and textured whites.
    • Cotton or gauze soaked in calendula tea is another option.
    • Alternatively, you could use a silk gauze for the top layer, which is so airy it will turn out lighter in any event.
    • Line a colander or sieve with cheesecloth or gauze and set it over a bowl.
    • She came to him, heart fluttering beneath the thin gauze that stretched across her ample breasts.
    • The curtaining rock was twisted and translucent, like chiffon or silk or a very airy sort of gauze.
    • If a tailored coat does not appeal, there are a number of tantalising wraps of silk, lightweight cashmere and gauze in the shops at the moment, which will keep your top half looking pious in the pews.
    • He wrapped the test tube in a roll of cotton gauze and placed it in his bag.
    • All cages were capped with organdy gauze to maintain the planthopper treatments.
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    gasa femenino
    • Cotton gauze has been used to dress wounds for hundreds of years because it is naturally soft, pliable, and absorbent.
    • In order to prevent re-infection the site is dressed with cotton gauze soaked in a special iodine mixture, which is changed once or twice a day.
    • Wash your eye with tepid water, using a clean piece of cotton wool or gauze for each wipe.
    • Medicated gauze, alcohol cotton balls or dermatitis plasters are also necessary.
    • Gently wash areas of infected skin with clean gauze and antiseptic soap daily.
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    (fine mesh)
    malla femenino