Traducción de gavel en Español:


mazo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡav(ə)l//ˈɡævəl/


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    mazo masculino
    (usado por jueces, subastadores etc) martillo masculino
    gavel-to-gavel coverage cobertura informativa completa femenino
    • The silence was broken by the gavel pounding on the judge's perch.
    • The judge slams down his gavel and stands up as the audience becomes alive with controversy.
    • The judge banged on the table again, wielding the gavel like Thor's hammer, this time with a note of finality that echoed in the spacious room.
    • The judge banged his gavel several times to demand silence, but he couldn't be heard above the noise that was increasing by the minute.
    • There's the buzz of bidding against other interested people, the tension of waiting to see if they'll raise their offer, and the joy of being the winner when the auctioneer bangs his gavel.
    • But this isn't a TV drama where the judge bangs down the gavel decisively and victims leap up to the cheers of supporters.
    • Suddenly everyone was talking at once, and the judge banged his gavel on the desk.
    • Then, with a final stroke of his gavel, the auctioneer declared that the auction was over.
    • I wasn't sure what was happening as the judge banged his gavel on the bench and the court was adjourned.
    • He rose from his chair and lifted his gavel, apparently intending to enforce the Senate rule against public demonstrations.
    • When the auctioneer banged his gavel for the last time, the auction had raised over 100,000 baht.
    • These golden geese continued to be offered the way they sold best - in real-time sales with glossy printed catalogs and elegant auctioneers wielding polished wooden gavels.
    • Weeping family members of deceased on behalf of the accused also wept in joy as the gavel hit and the judge proclaimed that he would not allow another appeal of the case.
    • For example, when the auctioneer hammers the gavel, a binding contract exists immediately.
    • Maybe that's why the young Scottish playwright talks so fast and loose about his work, chattering like a set of joke teeth, spattering out anecdotes and theories like an auctioneer whose own mindset is under the gavel.
    • The judge banged his gavel, dismissing the court for lunch.
    • The judge bangs his gavel and then gets up and exits the courtroom.
    • Hushed whispers erupted within the courtroom and the judge slammed his gavel down to bring order once again.
    • It ended in furore and the mayor had to use her gavel to restore order.
    • When the auctioneer lowered his gavel, the room erupted in applause.