Traducción de gazpacho en Español:


gazpacho, n.

Pronunciación /ɡəˈspɑtʃoʊ//ɡəsˈpatʃəʊ/


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    gazpacho masculino
    • Dinner menu starters included pan fried breast of pigeon with pear tempura and gazpacho dressing, and baked Brie with apple and walnut compote.
    • A clean-cut chilled gazpacho made an exhilarating appetiser, its sharp tomato edge juxtaposed with a mellow, voluptuous quenelle of crab and avocado.
    • Tomato gazpacho is one of the Spanish dishes that has an international presence, as do paellas and mountain hams.
    • In tub two, serve up three favorite cold soups, such as gazpacho, vichyssoise, and iced tomato.
    • The rest of the offerings straddle fare from France and Spain, starting with the soups - a refreshing gazpacho right alongside a hot, cheesy French onion.
    • As we waited for the next course to arrive, the now obligatory cappuccino-cup of soup arrived - a beautifully fruity tomato soup with the consistency of gazpacho and tinged with melon.
    • I always thought of gazpacho as a chilled tomato soup but I was far from complaining about the flavoursome, thick sauce in which my light-as-a-feather dumplings swam.
    • On a hot afternoon, cool off with gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup.
    • Likewise, in Spain, both white and red gazpacho benefit from a handful of breadcrumbs.
    • I went to the tapas place and had gazpacho (red garlic soup!) and a tortilla.
    • Unfortunately, my curious nature feels wasteful ordering two of the same thing so I let mom order that and I ordered the tomatillo cucumber gazpacho with lobster and a lobster roll, to round out the theme.
    • So be kind to the novice over there, eating his gazpacho with the wrong spoon.
    • With items ranging from gazpacho and carpaccio to couscous, this idea finds expression in small, colourful dishes inspired by various international cuisines.
    • One of the first gazpacho recipes consisted of almond meal, sour grape juice, and breadcrumbs, a dish still served in Spanish restaurants.
    • But with the enticing meals here - they include salmon salads, black bean chili and tangy gazpacho soup with crabmeat - even die-hard carnivores can do it.
    • There is a Spanish station, with a massive paella, lamb navarin, an orange chicken and the classical gazpacho cold soup.
    • She didn't feel that way and tipped her gazpacho soup into my lap before leaving.
    • Among the most commonly served are a tomato and green pepper salad, similar to Spanish gazpacho.
    • The most famous Andalusian dish is gazpacho, a cold soup made with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and olive oil.
    • It is now most familiar in the form of Andalusian gazpacho, which is typically a cold soup with various vegetable ingredients, notably garlic, tomato, and cucumber.