Traducción de gear change en Español:

gear change

cambio de marcha, n.



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    cambio de marcha masculino
    cambio de velocidad masculino
    • Overall, the driver does not feel underprivileged, and a sweet gear change combined with well-placed pedals certainly help.
    • There's the same wrist-flicking gear change, but now it's six-speed.
    • But even that was fighting to be appreciated above the sharp and heavy clutch, the choppy ride and the sloppy gear change.
    • Paying extra for the top class six-speed automatic gearbox would be a very good idea, as the manual gear change is awkward in operation.
    • There are no quibbles about the gear change, which is silky smooth in operation.
    • The clutch is light, and the gear change is very easy too.
    • As it should be in a sports car, the gear change is excellent and the lever exactly where you want it.
    • A big disappointment is the gear change, which is very frustrating for drivers who want snappy overtaking.
    • By shifting the motor to the rear, the gear change came out of the transmission on the ‘wrong’ side.
    • Put the car in gear and you'll find the clutch pedal very light, while the gear change is just what you'd expect.
    • However, the pedals are still offset to the left and the fascia-mounted gear change is as notchy as it ever was.
    • The gear change belonged in a forklift truck, and let's not forget the interior design.
    • The 2000 model was given an improved gear change and a reduced clutch lever span.
    • The gear change, though, was slightly obstructive.
    • The driving position is almost ideal and the placement of the pedals has clearly benefited from all that rally experience, as has the smoothness and swiftness of the gear change.
    • On the upside, the gear change is of excellent quality, so it is not difficult to keep the engine in its best operating range.
    • Thankfully, the gear change itself is excellent, but care must be taken to ensure that speed doesn't fall away on an uphill approach to a motorway, as you can find it difficult to fit into the passing traffic stream.
    • However, the gear change is slow and requires deliberate effort.
    • The gear change was a weird electro-pneumatic device and at the end of the 1935 year was still problematical.
    • And good fun it is when the engine and gear change are such willing accomplices.
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