Traducción de gee en Español:


Pronunciación /dʒi//dʒiː/



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    gee, I never knew that ¡no me digas! yo no sabía
    • gee, I'm sorry to hear that oye, lo siento
    • gee, thanks! ¡pero … gracias!
    • We need a little more of this primary care and a little less of the gee whiz.
    • It comes across as a sort of gee whiz science museum exposition, one that proposes that the solutions to many of the world's problems are not only within our grasp, but that their solution is inevitable.
    • And for a lot of people, they say, ‘You know, gee, I get tired of this.’
    • I thought gee whiz, I guess I'm living on borrowed time!
    • I know I'm really a television talker, but gee, twice in my lifetime, somebody's offered me a record situation and I grabbed it and I'm so happy I did.
    • When I am praising this Government, I say to it: gee whiz, it is starting to learn.
    • I agree that there should be a state-by-state analysis of this, and so one can in fact say, gee, do you approve of a particular wording of a constitutional amendment?
    • I mean, gee, there were a lot of man-hours spent doing that gig, so the least I can say is, ‘Thank you very much.’
    • I thought it was great in a way because I thought, gee, maybe we can get some sympathy for the press going finally.
    • The thrill, if any, comes from finding a video game - gee whiz!
    • He pauses, shakes his head, then boisterously proclaims, ‘Aw, gee whiz, I guess that means the hot dogs are on me, gang!’
    • And in my youthful naivete I thought, gee, they like it.
    • And, gee whiz, you would also understand the paternalistic attitudes of the time and the nature of defense of the country.
    • But gee whiz, folks - we do indeed live in the best of times.
    • All your friends are gift-shopping, party-hopping, trimming the tree and - gee!
    • And I always thought, gee, daddy, look what I'm doing.
    • But I thought, gee whiz, I want to do things differently.
    • And he finally said something along the lines of, you know, gee whiz, I won.
    • You know, your wife may ask, gee, what kind of an example does it set when this happens and everybody in the publishing industry will wring their hands, but unfortunately I think it will happen.
    • It's time now I believe to move beyond the gee whiz stage.