Traducción de gee whiz en Español:

gee whiz

¡recórcholis!, interj.

Pronunciación /ˌdʒiː ˈwɪz//ˌdʒi ˈwɪz/


coloquial, anticuado

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    ¡recórcholis! coloquial anticuado



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    • Now, these super-effective ingredients are available in all sorts of new gee-whiz formulations.
    • There is a gee-whiz quality not only in the press but in the public.
    • This kind of science fiction may have gee-whiz gadgetry but it isn't interested in selling you toys - it wants to plant ideas and questions in your head.
    • There's too much to marvel at - and besides, the film doesn't seem interested in the gee-whiz factor at all, for the most part.
    • But they are the ones who provide much of the humour and gee-whiz factor, along with a boggling sequence involving a musical instrument as deadly weapon.
    • The soldiers remark with a sort of gee-whiz wonder that they will be war veterans when they go home, and debate about who they will tell that they didn't actually see combat, if that is what happens.
    • In your quest to constantly sound the horns of the wonderments of advancing new technology you often overlook the real facts that frequently trump the gee-whiz bells and whistles factor of the objects of your bleary-eyed adoration.
    • The quirky humor has been abandoned in favor of futuristic imagery and gee-whiz exclamations about the wonders of cool technology.
    • ‘I get killed in all my movies,’ he says, full of gee-whiz energy.
    • The drama can feel a little stodgy but it comes alive in the aerial sequences, with all their gee-whiz, jet-age wonder.
    • The significance of all this is not the gee-whiz gear.
    • The gee-whiz science story here is that we are nearing the point where we will unravel one of the great mysteries: How does a single fertilized egg cell become a human being?
    • Because of its humble proficiency, seriousness of intent and sexual adventurousness, it's become the unfortunate pariah of a film culture that expects Hollywood to turn out only gee-whiz showiness and superficial plays at emotion.
    • The sound is relevant to the action, meaning that it does a capable job in sustaining the sharp style and dark mood of the film without resorting to inappropriate gee-whiz sound engineer's tricks.
    • To put it mildly, this is drastically different than that computer effects festival, and without the gee-whiz factor to fall back on, the flaws of handling a wholly human story are apparent.
    • If you're a few years older, you'll resent the choking paternalistic atmosphere of vapid gee-whiz kiddie entertainment, euphemism, and fake-friendly bullying.
    • You'd better have a firm grasp of what you're trying to accomplish, or there's a good chance your investment will result in nothing more than a gee-whiz fireworks display that will quickly fizzle.
    • The inclusion of ‘space travel’ in the term helps remind people of the gee-whiz nature - and some of the risk - of such flights.
    • Most of the news coverage surrounding the discovery looked at the discovery itself, rather than taking a gee-whiz approach to the technology behind the find.
    • But the novel is not really about solving a crime: it's about reconciling a community - hence the foreign protagonist, needed to justify all the gee-whiz commentary on race relations.