Traducción de geek en Español:


ganso, n.

Pronunciación /ɡik//ɡiːk/



  • 1

    (socially inept person)
    ganso masculino coloquial
    gansa femenino coloquial
    pazguato masculino
    pazguata femenino
    • Consume it yourself with roasted pork or bring this as a present to a wine geek friend and prepare to impress with your knowledge of off-the-beaten path wines.
    • Much to the dismay of many a hardcore computer geek, our world is not a binary system.
    • Technology can help geeks get social in many ways.
    • Software geeks are turning into social engineers.
    • The other was the mental image of me in my best interview suit as a piece of filler at the end of the evening news looking like a complete fanboy geek.
    • It certainly helps that most of my computer geek friends from fifteen years ago are still part of my contact network.
    • I was tempted to launch a sarcastic commentary about the difference between nerds and geeks, and their ineffectual nature as insults, but decided it probably wouldn't help.
    • Wine tasters have their own vocabulary or jargon, just like other groups of enthusiasts: computer geeks, ballroom dancers, etc.
    • How can we take free culture mainstream, and make the movement relevant to people who may not be computer geeks or copyright nerds?
    • From dorks to geeks, and everything between, beer has something for everyone.
    • Call yourself a graphic designer and you're identified as an artsy computer geek being hired to spice up a document with your wizardly technical skill.
    • Still, as a longtime computer geek, I've seen how brittle, complex and friable computer systems can be.
    • Of such things are legends made, amongst obsessive record geeks, at least.
    • What geeks have, geeks in any field, be it a field like science fiction or a field like tropical fish, is that they are moved to do what they do because of a love and passion for the field above all else.
    • Dorks are just geeks with bad skin, but nerds get the ladies.
    • I've also been a computer geek hobbyist for about 20 years, but I couldn't program or solder my way out of a paper bag.
    • Being a closet computer geek since I was seven, I jumped at the opportunity to take Computer Science as a subject in my early high school days.
    • They were a group made up mostly of men who were all nerds and geeks and dorks in high school who went on to become brilliant and funny and irresistible in college.
    • It was edgy and over-the-top, with enough random cinematic references to keep even the most knowledgeable film geek happy.
    • Some will say that all there are are geeks and nerds in there.
    • Except for the business about the computer (which made me a geek and complete social outcast) this is very typical in Australia.
    • She was tagged as a social hermit and a geek during her stay in Lanesville and she had lived with that.
    • Most of the editors will readily admit to being any of the following: dorks, nerds, or geeks.
    • This is where a geek with no social skills becomes bizarrely popular with the public.
    • Initially, he'd assumed that geeks and nerds were by default withdrawn, shy, mostly losers.
    • At the time it was still widely referred to as the ‘information superhighway’ and those who knew how to navigate it were dismissed as nerds and geeks.
    • We had the usual groups; jocks, preps, Goths, emos, nerds, geeks - by the way, I would consider myself in the geek group.
    • Here's the techno geek stuff: As you know, the Campy binder bolt consists of an Allen bolt that threads into an Allen-headed sleeved nut.
    • The result is a breathtaking, psychedelic form of artificial life whose fitness factor is the ability to tickle the aesthetics of computer geeks.
    • There was a good reason for letting the geeks and other social out-casts do those things.
    • His attempts to play a socially inept geek are awkward.
    • They weren't even socially dysfunctional geeks.
    • They were computer geeks, and after university found careers in information technology.
    • It caters to geeks and nerds, is a passionate advocate for the free software movement, and is bottom-up, rather than top-down, because the stuff on the site comes from its users.
    • This, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between a geek and a nerd.
    • Women do not consider careers in IT because they think they are careers for geeks, nerds, workaholics or all of the above.
    • It doesn't affect their grades much since they've got nerds and geeks to do their homework for them and personal private tutors to help them with their occasional examinations.
    • I responded in a manner befitting a grown adult and fellow professional in the computer geek press.
    • As the favoured outer garment of trainspotters and computer geeks it was always going to be a laughing stock.
    • Security experts explain how the web has now entered a sinister new era in which e-gangsters have linked up with computer geeks to follow our money online.
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    (obsessive enthusiast)
    obseso masculino
    obsesa femenino
    computer geek obseso de la informática masculino