Traducción de gelatin en Español:


gelatina, n.


Pronunciación /ˈdʒɛlətn//ˈdʒɛlətɪn/


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    gelatina femenino
    • In a large bowl, dissolve gelatin in boiling water.
    • Eat foods that contain a lot of water, like soup or a gelatin dessert.
    • Add the gelatin mixture to the syrup mixture and stir to combine.
    • After drying, the gelatin foam is cut and sterilized.
    • Return to the blender and add the softened gelatin and blend again.
    • Combine the softened gelatin with the warm lentils and adjust seasoning.
    • Hard or soft gelatin capsules are produced and filled with various pharmaceutical doses.
    • When you think of a black-and-white photograph, you probably envision a silver gelatin print.
    • Early in 1961, the agency experimented on monkeys with gelatin capsules containing botulinum toxin.
    • Flan mix is found in supermarkets near gelatin dessert mixes.
    • Newer food dyes used in beverages and gelatin dessert mixes stain very quickly, especially red shades.
    • Remove from the heat and stir to dissolve the gelatin.
    • Transfer the softened gelatin to a medium bowl, place over a hot water bath, and stir until dissolved.
    • Water, soup, ice pops, and flavored gelatin are all good choices.
    • The treatment doses were in an edible oil solution packaged in identical gelatin capsules.
    • Only fish gelatin or vegetable oil is acceptable as a carrier, or as a processing aid ingredient.
    • For variety, try herbal teas, fruit juices or even flavored gelatin.
    • Remove from the heat and gradually add the gelatin, stirring constantly.
    • Remove from the heat and add the gelatin and vitamin C and whisk to combine.
    • In a bowl over an ice water bath, combine asparagus juice with gelatin and whip until it becomes a stiff foam.