Traducción de gelding en Español:


caballo castrado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɛldɪŋ//ˈɡɛldɪŋ/


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    caballo castrado masculino
    • A record 5,110 horses - 2,668 colts, 2,440 fillies, and two geldings - are cataloged for the 14-day sale that runs through September 26.
    • After all the mares and geldings were fixed, they headed to the show.
    • I have two Quarter Horse geldings, one age 22, by his papers, and the other is about the same age, give or take a year or two.
    • Equestrian purchases were prominent, and extra horses, especially geldings and palfreys, were obtained and equipped with pommels of gold and silver.
    • A full field of two-year-old colts and geldings are entered for the 1 1/16-mile $100,000 Bourbon County Stakes on the turf on Friday.
    • He completed the six furlongs on a good course in 1: 11.23 in the race for colts and geldings.
    • Jane tried to avoid him as she said goodbye to the other geldings.
    • The total number of horses - 2,668 colts, 2,440 fillies, and two geldings - is 219 more than last year's previous record of 4,891.
    • They comprised geldings and nags, sumpter horses, teams for coaches, the close carr, the litter and three carts, as well as some hired post horses.
    • Emaciated horses of mixed light breeds (8 mares, 5 geldings, and 1 stallion) and unknown histories were purchased in Mexicali, Mexico or Albuquerque, New Mexico by a commercial buyer.
    • Of these, 33 were geldings, 1 was a stallion and the remainder were mares or fillies.
    • A larger space is needed between stallions and other pastures used by geldings and other horses.
    • This class is for mares or geldings, four years old and over, exceeding 158 cm.
    • His horse was one of the geldings he had noticed during his previous inspection of the barn.
    • The card is highlighted by a pair of stakes of $75,000 stakes for older fillies and mares and for older colts and geldings.
    • Although ranch-broke geldings are the highlight of the sale, we also offer yearlings, weanlings and a select number of started two year olds.
    • A record 40 juvenile colts and geldings purchased from sales from around the world have been cataloged for the event that will be conducted by Keeneland Association.
    • Interestingly, arginine-induced insulin release occurred more consistently in mares than in geldings and stallions.
    • The study group of horses was comprised of 8 horses, four Thoroughbreds and four Warmbloods, of which five were geldings and three were mares.
    • But all thoroughbred geldings are signifiers.