Traducción de gen up en Español:

gen up

informarse, v.

phrasal verbgenned, genning

coloquial, anticuado

  • 1

    to gen up about / on sth informarse sobre algo
    • I've never built one, but I know someone who has and I'm reasonably well genned up on them.
    • Smith has been genning up on her kung fu moves and Dundee's martial arts community is already booking in numbers.
    • In preparation for today he has been genning up on repeats.
    • Admit it: genning up about your holiday before you go is half the fun.
    • Not only is it a chance to gen up on language skills, it is a fabulous opportunity to make friends abroad and travel in Europe.
    • You should also be punctual and have genned up on the organisation you are being interviewed for.
    • Businesses are failing to capture essential evidence from their computer systems, according to a UK industry group which has published a new set of guidelines designed to help firms gen up on computer forensics.
    • Obviously, we genned up on the agencies that had done the work.
    • One minute you're all genned up on the digestion of proteins, then you're writing about the beauty of Mozart's operas.
    • To gen up on skin rejuvenating peels, don't miss the event at Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh, on Tuesday, and London on Friday.
    • With a good hour to kill each way, it's time to gen up on the world around me.
  • 2

    to gen sb up about / on sth poner a algn al corriente / al tanto de algo
    • I was hoping I might get a reply from someone who had used a cheaper one and could gen me up on it.
    • Anyway I'm looking forward to meeting some of you at some stage soon although Jon will have to be my mentor and gen me up on this car.
    • This gave them the opportunity to gen me up on the band and their inspired brand of music.
    • We're not exactly genned up on how it all works but when you combine hot weather, big hills and huge expanses of water, then it all adds up to a windsurfer's paradise.
    • Any information or links to gen me up would be much appreciated.
    • Working under Gough and his assistant proved an attraction for a tenacious performer whose Scottish father Michael genned him up on the pair's pedigree.